Gamervision: de Blob Review

de Blob is easilly comparable to Zack and Wiki, No More Heroes, and Boom Blox in terms of quality. For the same reason that there was a rallying cry for gamers to pick up the abovementioned titles, anyone who wants to continue to see fun, successful games on the Wii should buy de Blob. There is plenty of content, several different multiplayer modes, and a large amount of replayability.

The different multiplayer types are a plus, but can grow old quickly, and a cooperative mode might have helped its case greatly. The Wii has slim pickings over the next few months; de Blob should fill that void, and an eventual sequel could fix the game's issues and propel it to an even higher level.

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chanmasta3696d ago

... this game from if you're gonna get it. It's only £18!

I really like this game, everything about it is amazing! Can't wait to test out the multi-player with friends, all-nighter baby lol! The music for this game is awesome too, the way it evolves by painting is truly impressive! I wish more games would do stuff like that!