What's the Point of Console Gaming Anymore?

GeekReply sheds some light about the recent wrongdoings in Console gaming compared to PC gaming.


UPDATE: Title's changed to: What’s the Point of Console Gaming If it Keeps Emulating PC’s?. Probably to drive the point further

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starboy112092d ago

Yeah, I'm not sure. I own both, but hardly use my PS4 except for exclusives

MagicBeanz2091d ago

Then why wouldn't you use it to play multi-plat as well?

agent45322090d ago

Maybe because he has a gaming rig.

Eonjay2090d ago (Edited 2090d ago )

Non sense. Also this topic is dumb because and no how mean it will never be more popular than consoles.

zackeroniii2090d ago

what's the point of this garbage article?

Exari2090d ago

@starboy11 so you started your sentence saying "not sure" if there is a reason to buy a console, then follow that with a valid reason (exclusives). Dude, you cant even support your own argument lol..

WilliamSheridan2090d ago

I use Xbox for multi platform games because Live is so superior. I use my Pro for exclusives. HZD is great although I'm struggling to finish it. Same with Uncharted. I think I've hit fatigue level with Uncharted. Both are amazing games thought. Sony has the single player experience locked down. MS has the online multiplayer experience perfected though. Plus I still prefer MS controller. Both great systems though, so save the down votes for something important...

indysurfn2090d ago

This article is full of hiprocrasy for instance it complains you have to wait and download and install games. Guess what I have to do all that with the pc PLUS a bag of chips. For instance My steam takes forever to wait on it to update itself every time I sign on to my pc. I have to also download game fixes for games, or for games on steam, and I have to keep checking to see if there is a fix for the game just suddenly crashing ( and no it does not save before chrashing). Consoles are not exspensive compared to PC including the x1x they used as an example. I have a 2 thousand dollar gaming laptop that hardly gets used. Yes consoles lost some advantage because of day one fixes. But PC needs the day one fixes too! soooooo.

Sono4212090d ago

This article is idiotic, more like that is the point of dedicated portable gaming devices? Outside out Japan most people play their portable gaming devices at home.. so whats the point of the portability? Isn't much more than a gimmick. Not to mention mobile gaming is mainly done on phones, but phones aren't a dedicated gaming platform anyway and that is mainly why it is so popular, it's multipurpose. It really wouldn't surprise me if Nintendo's next console is a phone the size of maybe the Iphone plus or galaxy note and you can slide controllers into the side just like the switch. It would be a gaming focused phone, now I know this has already been done before but not by Nintendo.

XisThatKid2090d ago (Edited 2090d ago )

Console will have a stake in this market for a long time unless consoles become branded PCs
The convenience and brand recognition is to strong plus think about this globally. Not just in your countries and territories. Not to mention the actual console benefits devs do get from console. Console isn't going anywhere in a console to PC to console convert

NewMonday2090d ago

Nintendo and Sony are creating the point by making many great exclusives, for Xbox there relay is no point anymore since all games including exclusives are coming to PC.

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sampson31212090d ago

and that is a great point. you answered the articles question.

R6ex2090d ago

Same here. PC for everything except PS4 exclusives. Can't stand 30fps!

tontontam02090d ago


I only have consoles because they have games I "WANT" to play which I "CAN'T" play on PC.

starchild2090d ago

PC has games I want to play that aren't on consoles. Not to mention there are so many games in general on the PC. The PC shares exclusives with both the PS4 and XB1, as well as having PC exclusives and all the multiplatform games. No other platform lets me play such a wide range of games.

TheSaint2090d ago

I don't believe, even for a second, that you own a PS4.

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BWTrail2092d ago

PC for me for over 10 years.

R6ex2090d ago

I started on Xbox & PS, then switched to PC for good as it has better visuals and framerates.

TacoTaru2090d ago

visuals and framerates sure but FTW. I'm playing Fallout New Vegas again and nexusmods makes it look like a new game and the modders have added amazing things. My PC is at my desk with an hdmi cable running to my TV system. Plug in a controller and you have the couch experience of a console with the flexibility of a PC. Sometimes just widening the FOV make a world of difference. .

WilliamSheridan2090d ago

I had my PC phase. Lasted about ten years also. When it was time to build my third gaming rig. I was done.

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Major_Glitch2090d ago much money did you spend upgrading your pc over that decade?

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Yo Mama2092d ago (Edited 2092d ago )

Umm, the best exclusives. The fact that you know every game is gonna actually work. Less cheating. This article is horse manure. And PC gamers wonder why they're stereotyped as pompous assholes.

porkChop2092d ago

"Best exclusives" isn't a fact though, that's entirely up to each individual. As far as games actually working go, this has been the worst console generation for crashes, game-breaking bugs, unfinished games, etc.

As for cheating, sure, it's definitely easier on PC but not as common as you'd think.

MrFisher212090d ago

And even though this is our worst generation. Isn't the pc suffering more? Lol. Hmm.

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porkChop2090d ago

Solid, reviews are opinions. It's perfectly fine to have the opinion that exclusives are better on consoles. However, stating it as a fact is not. Opinions and facts are entirely different. I prefer the exclusives from Sony and Nintendo, over almost anything on PC, but that's just an opinion.

JackBNimble2090d ago

I can't believe this is even an argument ... pick the platform you prefer to play your games on .

Hey , crisis over... now you gamers play nice ya hear

2090d ago
Domovoi0ng2085d ago

Anyone talking logic on this forum gets downvoted. Nevertheless we need to continue doing our part in the hopes of a future where people can have a rational discussion here. Its just people that dont know anything that keep flinging shit at eachother, and even shittalk their own console's fellow owners that dare criticize it .

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starboy112092d ago

Best exclusives are entirely subjective and a part of the argument of the article focuses on exclusives. I think its trying to say that Consoles have become basically prebuilt PCs

Mr_Writer852091d ago

"Consoles have become basically prebuilt PCs"

Just as PC have basically become consoles as well.

There will always be a gap between the 2, one being open and upgradable whilst the other is closed but requires less effort.

But everything else (architecture, price, digital pricing, boot time, social etc) the gap will get smaller and smaller to probably none existing.

MrFisher212090d ago

What top 10 exclusives came out on pc in the last 3 years?

Imalwaysright2090d ago

"Just as PC have basically become consoles as well."

2090d ago
Mr_Writer852090d ago


So you're saying that Valve aren't trying to match the console in the living room experience?

Steam machines
Steam Controller
Steam big picture mode

PC's are getting quicker at starting up, smaller form factors and can be plugged into a TV's hdmi.

Consoles have always been that way, but now PC gaming is heading that way.

But yeah you just posts a gif rather than discuss...

EatCrow2090d ago

@mr writer

PCs have been used for gaming for a long long time.
Consoles came out to make that easier and more accessible to people.

Not sure what you're talking about.
PCs have always allowed gaming and other media. Consoles started allowing other media around the time the Xbox came out i think.

You're information is backwards.

Imalwaysright2089d ago

Emulators, mods, costumization, choice of imput devices, 60+ fps, true 4k, free online, cheaper games, more features, BC with all pc games. All you need to know is that consoles are closed platorms controlled by the platform holders and PCs are open platforms to know that PCs offer a diiferent experience than consoles do so "basically" my ass.

"PC's are getting quicker at starting up" "smaller form factors"

What does this have to do with consoles?

"Steam Controller" PCs have gamepads since early 90s

"can be plugged into a TV's hdmi." Consoles can be plugged to monitors, so what?

"Steam machines" Which are PCs, not consoles...

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UletheVee312092d ago

Problem is, the article doesn't even talk about which one is better. It's about how consoles can improve instead of trying to be PC's. And even those exclusives aren't really that big, or what? Are you going to tell me that Cuphead is something we should celebrate and fangasm over?

2091d ago
MrFisher212090d ago

Why reference to an Indie exclusive. Why not use uncharted or horizon as an example?

Princess_Pilfer2090d ago (Edited 2090d ago )

Every game is gonna work? Lol. Go tell that to AC Unity, Fallout 4, and Borderlands the Pre-Sequel. Not to mention things like the sometimes dismal cross console ports (like say, Bayonetta and Dragon's Dogma.) Games that can be fixed, often within hours, on PC via mods.

Best Exclusives? Have you even played 1% of the sheer volume of PC exclusives? I'm going to assume the answer is no, and ask you how you would know then? What you mean is the exclusives with the biggest marketing pushes from console manufacturers. Have you played Tyranny? Have you played S.T.A.L.K.E.R.? Have you played Guild Wars 2? Have you played Civilization 6? CS:GO? Dota 2? Are you interested in Divinity Original Sin 2 or BattleTech? Then you don't really know how good they are do you?

These are just some of the higher profile/relatively recent examples btw, there are plenty of excellent games that are lower profile and/or older. If I were to just list everything I'd be here literally all day just typing, even if I excluded the flood of Steam Greenlight asset flip garbage.

MrFisher212090d ago

Good attempt but an obvious fail.

Princess_Pilfer2090d ago

I'm glad you think so. If it's so obvious you shouldn't have any trouble explaining why. I'm an idiot see, so I don't already know and I'd like you to justify your claim.

EatCrow2090d ago (Edited 2090d ago )

Don't bother. Console only gamers are narrow minded. Especially if you add in brand loyalty.

Practically every mmo out there is a pc exclusive. And they're a tremendously good time with friends. Then you have things like starcraft and tons of Diablo esque games that were and most still are exclusives. Then you have a ton of other games that many many years later are finally making it to consoles.

On the other hand you have Xbox and Ps4 games showing up in one way or another on pc so it's a win win for pc gamers.

Major_Glitch2090d ago

LOL! As if I haven't been on Steam before. I've seen their offerings. Noticed A LOT of console games on the top selling list. The rest? Mmos and mobas. Not impressed.

Princess_Pilfer2089d ago

WHAT? You mean to tell me that AAA multiplats with multi-million dollar marketing campaigns tend to sell better than PC excluives of any production value without said campaigns!? I'm shocked!! Shocked I say!

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DeadManMMX2090d ago (Edited 2090d ago )

Man, agreed. I remember buying Star Wars - The Old Republic to play on my PC a few years ago. I figured I'd give another go at an MMO a try. No matter what i did after installing it simply would not load. Uninstall, reinstall go over all of the forums. I knew before I bought the game that I had well over the requirements. I've been building and troubleshooting PC's and electronics and software most of my life. I can usually solve any PC or tech based problem with enough research, but this time it just simply would not work. Something some bad interaction between something I had installed previously and the game just wouldn't make it work. No body had an answer for this problem, and the only option that it came down to in the end was a clean install. Hell no I wasn't doing that so i wasted the money on the game and never got to play it. This although a rare occurrence just wouldn't happen on a console. The game would just play.

Doomeduk2090d ago

Same here I tried the steam demo of shogun total war loved it bought the game and the thing would just not run, flash bios, new gpu and read every forum but still refused to run even though the demo still ran... 3 years later I just clicked on it in steam library. And boom it ran that's just pc gaming

EatCrow2090d ago

Wow. That's a shame. The best experience I've had of an mmo was in fact the old republic... Real shame you couldn't get it to play.

The Flashpoints were all pretty awesome and the first raid I did the most memorable raid in my life. Don't get me started with me and my pro owning the entire server in pvp. Such good times.

EatCrow2090d ago (Edited 2090d ago )

"the fact that you know every game is gonna actually work."

The majority of pc games work fine. That's a stereotype.

"less cheating"

I hardly ever encounter cheating on any game. That's another stereotype.

All I see is a bunch of ignorance from console only gamers looking at pc gamers.

Domovoi0ng2085d ago

If you support games to be hostaged on a platform you are anti-consumer. If you dont know that games are BUILT on PC's and only have performance issues when developers dont care beyond consoles, you are uninformed. If you think every PC game is a cesspool of cheaters, you are dead wrong. If your immediate reaction is to call the article shit you cannot have a logical argument. And PC gamers wonder why so many console players are uninformed fangays that get scammed by MS/sony again and again and still talk shit.

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PhoenixUp2092d ago

I'll always remain a console gamer

Kavorklestein2090d ago

Same. Until console sales drop to under 10 mil for any console in an entire generation and ultra hyper gangster super mega master race PC users outnumber world population by 200% this will always be a retarded argument.

UletheVee312089d ago

And that's good. I just hope they stop trying really hard to be PC's because NOBODY wants that

P_Bomb2092d ago

Point is games. PC is still missing many of my favourite games this year.

TheOptimist2092d ago

Point is games. Both PC and PS4 are missing games that I wouldn't be able to play without each other. So having both is a plus for me.

UletheVee312092d ago

Well, the games aren't the problem. It's the systems that's playing them that are.