Ever wondered what Battlefield Bad Company 2 looked like in 8K?

PC Aficionado: "Last time we featured 8K gameplay, we took a look at The Witcher 3. Now, we’re bad, looking at Battlefield Bad Company 2 at 8K at 60FPS."

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2pacalypsenow564d ago

These videos are useless since 99.9% of gamers don't have an 8k monitor to see the difference.

2pacalypsenow563d ago

The Youtube Video is 1440p and heavily compressed....

letsa_go563d ago

I agree, completely pointless!

Bigpappy564d ago

Someone would need to make some textures for it. All 8K will do over 4K, at this point , is make images sharper.

Allsystemgamer563d ago

Pretty much. 8k won't need much of an improvement at 55". 12k and above will likely be reserved for larger screens.

spicelicka563d ago

Don't really see the point. 60 fps is nice but 8k on a last gen game is unnecessary.

joab777563d ago

I just wanna know what BBC3 will look like!