Eidos: Just Cause sequel confirmed Along with 360 and PS3 versions of Tomb Raider, Hitman and Championship Manager

Eidos has revealed that development on a number of sequels from the firm's biggest franchises is underway.

"Our future next generation console titles include new versions of Tomb Raider, Hitman and Championship Manager plus new IPs including Kane & Lynch and Crossfire," the company said in a financial release.

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power of Green 5219d ago

Just Cause is POOP!. It's funny the poster of this news post this info about ports when he made the port comment in the MLB thread. lol

Sphinx5219d ago

...but it did supply some enetertainment. I say it's worth a rental.

shotty5219d ago

Just Cause was fun, and the visuals were really good (made far cry look like gloomy field)

DG5219d ago

A real next gen hitman...can you say preorder! And give us online this time. Kane and Lynch looks cool too.

ElementX5219d ago

I LOVE Hitman! I finally played most of Blood Money on 360 and it was great! I only played a few levels of the fist one on PC and I didn't care for it. I am really looking forward to another Hitman game! :) :) :) :) *creams pants*

Havince5219d ago

it was utter rubbish, i like hitman tho so look forward 2 that, maybe some online this time ?????????

come on guys

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