Elder Scrolls Online: Horns of the Reach and Update 15 Preview

ESO writes: "Horns of the Reach, The Elder Scrolls Online's latest DLC game pack, will be available in the in-game Crown Store and as part of ESO Plus membership this August. The DLC game pack will include two new dungeons, Bloodroot Forge and Falkreath Hold, as well as a base game update that features a new Battlegrounds map and game type and a host of quality-of-life improvements."

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Sniperwithacause2568d ago

Just bought the morrowind, lvl 20 or 21 so far.
Grinding to lvl50 is a pain with other games waiting to be played.

Garethvk2568d ago

I had not played in years and was given early access to try it. I was so lost, did not know where to navigate to and so on.

rdgneoz32568d ago

Yah, they opened up the whole world to any level character and there's just so much to do at any point in time. Before you progressed from one map to the next, now you can go anywhere. They did it so different areas weren't always dead or so crowded, but the list of quests to do at any point can seem daunting.


Top 5 Best ESO DLC and Expansions Worth Buying

These are the best ESO DLCs to get for a good questing experience. More than that, you can get gold and items that can’t be found in the base game.

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The best PC games

PC gaming is dead, long live PC gaming!

There was a period of time, through the 1990s and into the early 2000s, when many game critics and analysts speculated that PC gaming was on its last legs. They argued that the platform had become a creative backwater, and would soon be completely overtaken by modern consoles thanks to their burgeoning, easy-to-use online capabilities.

PrimeVinister2270d ago

Oblivion is probably my favourite.
Cyrodiil has a cool, pastoral vibe that I feel at home on.

Plus that Assassin's Guild quest with the weird murder house is the greatest thing I have ever played.

ChristianReggieWait2270d ago

Yeah that's pretty cool, Shivering Isles was my favourite expansion. Mostly because it reminded me so much of Morrwind and Lord Shegorath Is a living Dad joke!

Telford912270d ago

I'm probably the only person left alive who's hasn't played Skyrim on any platform.

PrimeVinister2270d ago

How do you relate to normal people?

What if a business meeting or casual dinner conversation swings around to whether the Imperials were actually the lesser of two evils?

Do you just make am excuse and leave or?

Telford912270d ago

I usually just run to the jacks and stay in there for an unhealthy amount of time

ChristianReggieWait2270d ago

I usually start conversations with a good "Thuuming"

That is not a typo for Thumbing by the way gents!

PrimeVinister2270d ago

"I usually just run to the jacks and stay in there for an unhealthy amount of time"

That would probably be fairly normal in the high-stakes world of business. In the 1980s anyway.