Gamespot: Midnight Club: Los Angeles Multiplayer Hands-On

Rockstar's other franchise is back and ready to burn rubber through LA in Midnight Club: Los Angeles. The game uses the same Rage engine as Grand Theft Auto IV and Rockstar Presents: Table Tennis, and as you'd expect, it's a visual feast for the eyes. LA hasn't been re-created inch for inch, which will come as a big relief to anyone who has experienced its rush-hour traffic jams. The developers have instead created a virtual city that has the heart and soul of the city of angels, complete with iconic landmarks and real streets--the 101 freeway, Santa Monica Boulevard, Mulholland Drive, and Pacific Coast Highway, among others. The Hollywood sign, Santa Monica Pier, and Walt Disney Concert Hall are all included, and even our favourite haunt, the LA Convention Center--home to the one and only E3 Media & Business Summit--makes an appearance.

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creeping judas3695d ago

just as long as the cars dont handle like they did in GTA4 im ok with the RAGE engine!!!