Special Scorpion Suit If You Pre-order Dead Space

Talk Xbox writes: "EA have let us know that Dead Space has gone gold and that gamers who pre-order the game for the Xbox 360 (and PS3) will receive a promotional code for an exclusive downloadable 'Scorpion Suit'.

Seems worth it if you planned on buying the game since the 'Scorpion Suit' will not only feature a new look, but also increased toughness and inventory slots. Picture below..."

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n9com3668d ago

new suit = different color + stronger + more inventory slots

Excalibur3668d ago

You have to pre-order it from GameStop.

n9com3668d ago

GameStop online, EB Canada online, and selected retailers and websites across Europe

ASSASSYN 36o3668d ago

Im not getting this game but I love it when you get extras. It pssed me off when I found out the limited edition fallout had no in game extras for pre-ordering it.