How Reddit Broke GameStop and Who's in the Wrong

Poli Games host, Joseph, talks about a few redditors who have found an
exploit in 2 promotions Gamestop was running over the weekend and how they
used that exploit to make a some big bucks. It spread across the internet like wild fire but, were they in the wrong for doing it?

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DragonKnight1917d ago

I mean, the only one that's in the wrong is whoever came up with the promotion. It isn't wrong to take advantage of the promotion because you don't like how it's done. If you don't set up proper rules, you only have yourself to blame. If they didn't want to lose out on money, then they should have restricted the kinds of games that they'd accept, or they should have placed limits on how many games you could buy.

ocelot071917d ago

Am in the UK so am not 100% sure what Gamestop are like but from what I hear they are simply the same as GAME over hear in the UK so they must be bad. I remember a few years ago (around 2011) GAME had a promotion on trade in 3 games and get £15 extra trade in credit. The catch was yearly football (soccer) games where not included in the promotion.

They didn't say anything about yearly WWE games or Dance games or Guitar Hero or Assassin's Creed titles. I personally went to CEX a few doors away and bought the older games for like £1 or 2 each. After I was done trading in games. I had nearly £350 worth of GAME credit. Didn't have to spend any more money on games for a while after that and even had about £100 credit left which I used to buy a Vita with in 2012.

Noting shady about it in my opinion. People are just taking advantage of an offer. I take advance of any offers I come across.

Nicaragua1917d ago

I thoroughly detest GAME and all their annoyingly shitty practices, so your story brings me sweet joy.

ocelot071917d ago

Yup don't like GAME at all. Overpriced crap instore. Online side of things is ok but still bad compared to other online retailers and they still ask for £5 to try out PSVR instore. How can VR take off when you have the cheek to ask people to pay £5 to demo it.

yomfweeee1917d ago

I don't see how they are wrong for using the offered promotion. GameStop made a mistake making their promotion too good and overlapping multiple promotions.

vallencer1917d ago

There isnt anything wrong with what they did. This guy has made a few other videos and posted them on the gs reddit. The other videos arent good either. Trust me it wasnt a mistake on their part. It got people to bring in games and visit their store. Thats what they wanted.

krazykellerxkid1917d ago (Edited 1917d ago )

I really don't see anything wrong with this. There were some people who just found a loophole in the system. Were they hurting anyone? No. Are they stealing money? Nope. Are they breaking any laws? Not at all. If there is "someone at fault" here, it's Gamestop. They obviously have had some terrible business practices that they have to shut down between 150 to 225 store nationwide within this year ( which shows me that there aren't many people who go there anyways.
The only thing I'm mad about is that I didn't take advantage of the offer....

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The story is too old to be commented.