Foggy release for Haze

Haze publisher Ubisoft confirms release has been pushed back past March.

Surprisingly little information about the first-person shooter from Free Radical - the makers of TimeSplitters and GoldenEye - has been made available since the game was unveiled at E3 last year. We've had a trailer but little else to blow away the dense fog that has enveloped this title.

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Maldread5223d ago

deserves attention. I`m glad they`re making a bit more serious game this time around, i`ve felt a lacking of the story and overall construcktion in their Time Splitters games. Like all the levels have no conection with each other and so on. They`re still great fun though.

I think this can turn out as a fun game with an excelent multiplayer. It would be nice with an improved aim sysyem ( esspesially on the sniper rifle ) too.