Insomniac Games on combat in Spider-Man

“No player will approach combat the same way. The environment, agility, stealth, and gadgets are all tools at your disposal.”

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mafiahajeri496d ago

I'm thinking Peter Parker is gonna die in this and Miles Morales is gonna take over as Spiderman

aConIsDemocracy496d ago

Hammer smashed face. I hope this game makes me feel like that. Love Spiderman. Love Cannibal Corpse too. lol

Donnie81496d ago

Can't wait to play an amazing Spider-Man game. I'm hoping insomniac games does for Spiderman what rocksteady did for Batman. Would have been great if it had launched with the movie but I know it just needs more time. I'm very confident in insomniac games ability to give us a great game.

gangsta_red496d ago

It reminded me heavily of the Batman: Arkham series. This is going to be a blast to play.

sampson3121496d ago

everyone says that but i don't see any other way one could make a spiderman game. wasn't spiderman the first super hero to have this kind of fighting?

gangsta_red495d ago

Not saying it's a bad thing but with all the stealth elements, watching from the rooftops or ceiling rafters, the scripted combat it's definitely more heavily influenced with the Arkham games.

sampson3121495d ago (Edited 495d ago )

@gangsta_red: i know you weren't saying it's a bad thing. i think Arkham used a lot of spider man 2 game play mechanics first, but people seem to forget that spider man 2 came out before Arkham. it's not a big deal, just kinda tired of the comparison as if Arkham was the first to do it.

stealth was also done in spiderman 2 before Arkham

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