Could Wii casual gaming signal the end for games consoles?

Dave Parrack writes:

"The Wii has had and is having a massive impact on the games industry. Here is a small, cheap to produce, fun, and easy to play console which is beating its technically superior rivals in to the ground. But its impact could go beyond merely this generation. Could it be that casual gaming, helped by the Wii, will kill off games consoles as we know them for good?

Despite what some people may think, each of the three home consoles competing in this generation is very different.

The Xbox 360 is a pure games console, dedicated to providing gamers with the best game experiences currently possible. The PS3 is doing the same for games as the PS3: pushing the graphical envelope, but it's also added a multimedia element to proceedings by coming with a Blu-ray player. And last but not least, the Wii has offered a return to simple fun gaming while pushing for a new control system to replace the traditional joystick/joypad/handheld controller that's been present since the days of Pong."

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Veronica Belmont3722d ago

At the end of the day gamers want games not somthing to tell then their physical age is like 95!

Voiceofreason3722d ago

Dumb comment number 3 today.. where do you people come from? Does MkWii tell your age? No SSBB no. NMH ? again no.. Of course when you are playing Wii fit it will but thats just doing what it was intended to do.2 out of 200 games and you act like its the norm... really moronic but whatever floats your hater boat I guess

ChickeyCantor3722d ago (Edited 3722d ago )

Instead you should have said:
Course not! the "core" gamers will always form a market, so companies see money in that.

Then you would have made a reasonable point but now you are just trashing the place.

edit: it's actually funny, those "core" games are also played by loads of "casual" not talking about the moms and dads, talking about the Madden lover for example( who the hell do you think is screaming when you play online xD)

waznotwaz3722d ago

You are right.Whenever I go into Game the place is heaving.Mothers buying Wiis,their daughters buying games for their Nintendo DS and the lads checking out the 360 and play station games.There is plenty of choice for all of us and we all seem to be pretty happy about the healthy state of the console/gaming market.

chanmasta3722d ago

... heard the song from Lifehouse called Sky Is Falling? It's a great song!

Ok, i'll be quiet now.

Voiceofreason3722d ago

Where was this guy when the PS1 launched and brought in millions of casuals? Nothing happened back then and its not going to now just because the name of the casual console of choice has changed...

ChickeyCantor3722d ago

While the SNES/SEGA was 100% casual based but only appreciated by loads of "geeks" and "nerds"( and ofcourse some moms and dads kids etc etc) the PS1 really takes the topping.

The people who didn't like gaming suddenly played trash like Madden on the PS1. GT...boy casual gamers loved this game. You name it, Ps1 was the gateway to Casual gaming but when people look back they say "its all hardcore".

Now we are back at that cycle, it will only do the industry good.

chanmasta3722d ago

... absolutely pathetic. This article is a waste of time!

Product3722d ago

this article makes me laugh....does anybody remember the Famicon?
yea me too it was short for Family Computer.nuff said haters.

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