Hardware rumours: can't we just stand still for, like, five minutes?

The Guardian:

"We're about five minutes into the current generation of platforms. Most developers have squeezed out there first PS3 projects, they've done the obligatory interviews (blah blah, interesting architecture, blah blah, really quite difficult, blah blah, improved SDK, etc), they've had a bash at Wii ("hey, lets do a collection of fun mini-games!") and they're really quite settled on Xbox 360. Everything is going well. Sales of software are good, installed user bases are rocketing, people are really loving videogames - they feel they have truly cutting edge equipment beneath their HD TVs.

Except they don't. Because here come the next next-gen rumours..."

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waznotwaz3721d ago

Why are you getting so animated about rumours?Ps4 rumoured to arrive in 2010?Thats only half way through Sonys 10 year ps3s life cycle.Sony gave the ps2 a 10 year life cycle and have stuck to it.Why would you think Sony will change their long term business plans for the ps3 based on some rumour that are coming out of Japan?

PirateThom3721d ago

The PS3 launched 6 years into the PS2s life. 10 year plan means it'll be around for 10 years, not that it's 10 years before their next console.