Indie game leader Rami Ismail condemns harassment that shut down Spanish women’s gaming event

A group called Gaming Ladies scheduled a women's gaming event in Barcelona, Spain, but the event's sponsor, King, the maker of Candy Crush Saga, decided to shut down the gathering this week due to harassment by trolls.

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-Foxtrot475d ago

It wasn't harassment, the main things that were brought up in articles that said it was "harassment" were things like "Why does this exclude men when they are trying to promote equality" or jokes such as "Hey we should dress up in drag and sneak our way in". I'm sorry but that''s not harassment.

They were probably harsher things said by trolls but trolls like that are found in everything, we could cure Cancer and in the articles comment section you'd find people just being a dick. It's the internet...what's not cool is cherry picking these trolls and using them to push some agenda like a situation is about something else.

FullmetalRoyale475d ago

After the whole gamergate debacle, crap like this keeps happening. Just cherry picking the worst, and making it seem like that's all it was.

bluefox755474d ago

Feminism has not been about equality in a very long time.

rainslacker474d ago

I condemn harassment in general. I don't have a lot of respect for those that back away from harassment though. There are times when backing down may be appropriate, but only in such cases where there is a danger to those being harassed. However, I also respect those who don't back down in those cases so long as they take appropriate precautions, and they don't play it up as some sort of badge of honor. So basically, so long as they do their thing, and don't let the harasser get their way.

But, based on what I read, this isn't such a case where I feel they were being harassed where it was a danger to anyone, and seems to be a knee jerk type thing. However, I also don't feel they did it to gain attention, or use it to further some agenda like we saw with Sarkeesian or any other instance similar back in the beginning of the GG days.

I think this was just them trying to avoid confrontation, and feeling the event itself wasn't worth the hassle. Given the rather small nature of the event, it seems pointless to have....although no harm in it existing.

Gh05t474d ago

A few notes here:

"At King, we’re committed to fostering a culture of diversity and equality..."

So you sponsored an event that was by definition not diverse or equal?

"We can learn from having open and honest discussions about shared issues. Groups like this exist for C++ developers or orchestral music. They can talk about issues in a safe space without the worry of harassment."

So the implication is if men are invited it is no longer a "safe space" free of harassment? You are so full of shit! Having an opinion and expressing an opinion that differs from someone else is not equivalent to harassment.

bluefox755474d ago (Edited 474d ago )

I'm actually in favor of freedom of association, I think businesses and groups should be able to be as diverse or exclusionary as they choose, at least for private individuals, it has no business at a state level. With that being said, it's a two way street, you can't say it's okay for one group, but not okay for another. It's gotta be all or nothing.