About those jumps in N.Sane Trilogy...

Crash Bandicoot N.Sane Trilogy has made its debut and everyone is still having fun. However, there have been some issues presenting their ugly faces with some users. Example of this is various complaints about the game being hard. At first the explanation was that the game was harder for casual players new to the series, but the real reasons for this spíke started to show their real colors soon enough.

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BWTrail2093d ago

What other games use the pill form?

UletheVee312093d ago

A lot of stolen Unity games

-Foxtrot2093d ago

Can't this be patched? You could let people toggle it I suppose.

Relientk772092d ago

I hope they patch it, because I don't see myself beating Crash 1 unless it's patched, it's too unforgiving. I can deal with the 2nd and Warped, even if the jumps are slightly off.

Foraoise2092d ago

The jump feels fine to me? I beat all 3 games :O

Foraoise2092d ago

disagees are because of people who are just... bad at the game, I'm assuming. N4g is full of morons.

Sunny_D2092d ago

The problem is you care too much about disagrees.

Foraoise2092d ago

The problem is you probably suck at the game

CaitSith2092d ago

The jumps are fine! If they change it, I would lose my groove! Don't cater to the noobs!

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CyrusLemont2092d ago

My god I've been wondering why I'm struggling so much. All those edge jumps are such a pain, especially when they're really tight distances in the first game. It's frustrating because by eye Crash's actual model should land without issue, but this underlying system is throwing you off.

Like Foxtrot said, toggle please!

Newmanator2092d ago

Beat the first game in 3-4 hours with no jumping issues. I played the old games 2 years ago, took me 5 hours. I think people have issues with the skill required.

Newmanator2092d ago

I made it my life goal to master Crash, I have succeeded and expect nothing but congratulatory statements.

Foraoise2092d ago

I beat them too. No jumping issues.

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The story is too old to be commented.