Disaster originally meant to be an "epic" game

Monolithsoft, the developers of Disaster: Day of Crisis, was originally approached by Nintendo back in early 2006 and was asked if the team could deliver an epic game in nine months, the time at which Wii would launch. Monolith accepted the task as is already known, but the team eventually hit a bump in the road...

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DanteLinkX3721d ago (Edited 3721d ago )

An epic game in my eyes, can't wait to get my hands on it. Also the title is a little misleading, the story is that the game was meant to be launched with wii and be really good, but the makers couldn't do so, so they put it on hold and restarted again, and made the game even better, thats why they were able to get it out. So in short, the game IS epic :D All it takes is watching a trailer. So it isn't like the game is bad or anything or that it failed to meet expectations, in fact its way better than what it was meant to be.

The fact that it isn't selling very well doesn't mean its bad (there have been a lot of games that have done poorly on sales and are real jems Okami comes to mind), also It has only been released on Japan, lets hope it does well on Europe and USA.

kingme713721d ago

"developers delayed it into 2008 so that the game could be rethought and add in waggle"

I always think when developers are talking about incorporating waggle or motion into the game that might not really need it that they are looking for a problem to go with their solution. Some games are built around it: Boom Blox. Some games don't need it: SSBB.

TheColbertinator3721d ago

I think Nintendo messed up with this one.They should have hyped it from E3.Then Nintendo would have a killer-app ready to compete for gaming dollars in the holidays.Its a shame to see Wii Music getting more advertising than this game

ape0073721d ago

that's true steven

after seeing some videos,looks good

how about you?

how was it?

you know,I wish to see this game on ps3\360(with all respect to nintendo)

3721d ago
Wii60Fan3721d ago

Is turning into just that- a disaster. Looks terrible and last gen and hyped up the wazoo.