Timing for 1.5 hour-long Nintendo Japan conference confirmed for tomorrow

Set your watches, Wii lovers: Nintendo UK just confirmed the timing for tomorrow's press conference, and you're going to have to get up early if you're in Europe.

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BrotherNick3761d ago

For Chicagoans that's 11 PM tonight.

gaznutta3761d ago

I am predicting that the so called ped that we have been seeing all over the net is in fact a wireless hard drive storage solution.

We have a similar gadget at work which employees flash in front of the pc to download all important files from it. Similar to an oyster card as used on the london transport network.

This could enable users to save whole levels of a game onto holographic memory and take round their friends to play. I see sony quaking already!!!

ChickeyCantor3761d ago

Seriously why is it called a pedometer, at first i thought it was some lame joke that one made about detecting pedo's.

But there already was a thirdparty developer who made such thing. I see little reason for Nintendo to make a fuss about it.

Maybe MAybe we will hear something about a storage solution.
Also they will announce a new game revived from the past.