Overwatch's Doomfist is being teased again. Is it finally time for him to join the game

Fictional news story offers details regarding the character's movements, and also his real name.

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Summons752577d ago

With then talking and teasing him for 6 months running now while adding other characters, story events, and new maps...I doubt it. Blizzard is doing an awful job at adding new characters.

PapaBop2577d ago

Probably more of an indicator of where my mind is at more than anything but every time I hear the word "Doomfist" I take it in the dirtiest possible meaning and just wince.


Gunnar Announces New Overwatch Style Glasses

GUNNAR Optiks and Blizzard Entertainment have teamed up to offer two different Overwatch style glasses. - IS

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10 Overwatch Heroes You Would Want To Hang Out With

The world could always use a few more heroes, or in this case friends. Here are some Overwatch Heroes you would want to hang out with.

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I Miss the Original Overwatch

Blizzard's blending of the FPS and MOBA was a masterpiece of design that met its end too soon.

Tedakin424d ago

I miss 6v6, lootboxes and an actual player level. I used to look forward to Junkenstein's Revenge at Halloween and the Christmas event cause of all the cool cosmetics you could earn. I'd play it every day. Now you play it for an hour, earn some stupid charm, and you're done. No reason to play anymore.

ActualWhiteMan424d ago

RIP OW2 is trash. My friends stopped playing it like we used to the first one every Friday night.

smoothdude424d ago

this. loved overwatch 1. 2 is no fun. there is lots to play… find something you like.

Gardenia423d ago

I'd never thought I would say this but the loot boxes in Overwatch wasn't so bad compared to what it is now.

GoodGuy09424d ago

I remember those epic dreamworks-like CGIs. I wasn't a fan at all but man, I knew it was a rediculously huge game. OW2 I've seen...nothing, died maybe after a week.

moomoo319423d ago

OW2 is a disaster. All these years to make the game 5v5….? And they scrapped PvE? The game just sucks man zero fun.

154d ago