VGChartz Interviews Valve's Doug Lombardi on Left 4 Dead

VGChartz writes: "Doug Lombardi gives some of his valuable time to answer some interview questions on Valve's new game and gives us a couple exclusive screens.

I wrote up some interview questions to give to Turtle Rock Studios, but because they were so busy VP of Marketing for Valve Doug Lombardi took some of his very valuable time to answer them himself.

[VGChartz] For those who don't know, could you briefly describe Left 4 Dead and what makes it so special.

[Doug Lombardi] Left 4 Dead is a new game from Valve that's attempting to merge the dramatic, story-driven experience found in single player games like Half-Life with the replayable, social experience found in multiplayer games like Counter-Strike. The game is set immediately following the highly-anticipated zombie apocalypse, is playable by 1 to 8 people (depending on which mode you're playing), and will be available for the PC and Xbox 360 the week of Nov 17 - which just happens to coincide with the 10 year anniversary of Half-Life 1's launch."

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creeping judas3695d ago

we all know VG chartz makes up things!!! this interview was made up!!!

: )