Glacier White PS4 to be released as standard model in Japan on July 29

Sony Interactive Entertainment Japan Asia announced they will release the “Glacier White” PlayStation 4 as a standard model in Japan on July 29.

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XiNatsuDragnel498d ago (Edited 498d ago )

Please bring it to America as well

ocelot07498d ago

Didn't Sony release the slim in white in Europe? I know they did in the UK but I thought the rest of Europe got it as well.

Kurisu498d ago

Hopefully one day they'll release the PS4 Pro in Glacier White as well! Until then I'm happy with my OG white PS4 :)

phoenixwing498d ago

A white ps4 would be spiffy for me but I'm not gonna buy a whole new ps4 just for a color. I'll make do with black.

ILostMyMind498d ago

Why doesn't Sony make differentiated models of Pro?

ocelot07498d ago

Most likely will come the end of this year. With the Xbox One X coming in November. I can see Sony not only lowering the price of the Pro. But also doing some special edition pro consoles like COD WW2 or Battlefront 2.

NotAfanBoyy498d ago (Edited 498d ago )

Do a lot of people really like white consoles and why? I guess they would hide dust better. I always feel like they don't match since most consoles and devices are black.

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