Why No One Is Going to Remember Super Mario 3D World in 10 Years

Super Mario 3D World is a fun game. I personally enjoyed playing through it, but I can still see the writing on the wall. This game is forgettable through and through, and it's sad to see it go.

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FallenAngel1984498d ago

I'll always remember this game. Ever since I got baited by Super Mario 64 X 4 & Super Mario Galaxy's mediocre co-op, I've always wanted to play 3D platformer with Mario & Luigi co-op. I finally got my wish and that game is pretty memorable on various other merits as well.

PhoenixUp498d ago (Edited 498d ago )

"3D World was a sequel to a 3DS title: Super Mario 3D Land. Sadly, this sequel never lived up to its predecessor. "

What a load of BS. Anybody and everybody with a brain widely regard Super Mario 3D World as a far superior title to Super Mario 3D Land. Hell just compare how SM3DL got a 90 on Metacritic while SM3DW got a 93 on the site.

"Each flagship Mario has had something new going for it."

And so did Super Mario 3D World did as well. It introduced a 5 playable characters & a legitimate 4 player co-op mode in a 3D Mario game. Idk how this author can seriously neglect that while simultaneously grouping Super Mario Galaxy 2 with its predecessor to make a flawed point.

"But unlike its predecessor 3D Land, which was the first game to go modern with all those ideas, this approach wasn't so novel the second go around. It was just a retread of the same ideas on a larger scale."

Yet the author was easily able to easily give Super Mario Galaxy 2 pass even though it didn't much new compared to its direct predecessor. The author even said "Galaxy 2 pushed that boundary even further" which is to say that SMG2 was more of the same of SMG1 instead of doing something entirely unique on its own. But just like SMG2, SM3DW was able to do its ideas far better than its predecessor.

"The cat suit and multiplayer mode were the two features that were most touted about 3D World pre-release, and that fact makes clear that this game truly had nothing new to show."

By that logic if you take out the power ups and Yoshi out of Super Mario Galaxy 2 then it too would be "nothing new."

"In addition, multiplayer mode had already been implemented since New Super Mario Bros. Wii, so it had much less of an impact in 3D World."

By that logic Yoshi had already been done in Super Mario World, Super Mario Sunshine, New Super Mario Bros Wii so it should have less of an impact in Super Mario Galaxy 2 no matter how well it was implemented.

"It's a fun game -- especially with friends -- but it's clear that Nintendo had no idea what it was doing."

This was a fun article to easily tear apart and it's clear the author had no idea what he/she was talking about.

InKnight7s497d ago

Isn't that always been the case of all Mario and all Nintendo yearly released games? Every platform get one memorable game and the rest are buying time and milking sequels until next platform release. N64 then Sunshine GC then Galaxy Wii then whatever on Wii U then Oddesey Switch.

Deep-throat497d ago

The game is stupidly overrated.

Takwin497d ago

I will always remember it. Me and my daughter played it through twice. It was amazing.

I bought Mario 64 on release when I was in college and it will absolutely stand as a legendary and influential achievement in gaming, but 3D World was one of the best games this gen. I would safely put it in the top 25 games of the past 5 years. It was critically well received (top 10 game Metacritic of this gen) and had a ridiculously high attach rate.

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