Impressive Crash bandicoot PS4 mod will make your jaw drop

Crash Bandicoot made his return to the console industry with the remake/compilation “Crash Bandicoot: N.Sane Trilogy”. And it has been doing extremely well considering the early criticisms of it, just to celebrate this succesful launch. Spanish console modder MakoMod has made a very special custom PlayStation 4 based on the games of everyone’s favorite marsupial.

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BWTrail2095d ago

That is pretty sweet. I'd also like to see more customizations. Though some might be a tad much; can you imagine a Leisure Suite Larry customized console? LOL

Sam Fisher2094d ago

This is hot, but 1 question how the hell do you use the track pad?

MattDavisGR2095d ago

Nice :D I have to play this game :D

JackTheLiz2094d ago

For some reason I thought the title was referring to a hack of the game, even though that's not even really possible yet.

Mangaman272094d ago

Holy cow, that's really cool. i wish I knew how to make an impressive console mod like this

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