Famitsu Japan Hardware and Game Charts For Sept 22nd to Sept 28th

VGChartz reports via Famitsu that hardware and software charts in Japan during Sept. 22nd to Sept. 28th, 2008 were as follows:

Total Hardware:

DSL: 60000
Wii: 26000
PSP: 25000
360: 10000
PS2: 11000
PS3: 8300

Top 10 Software:

1 Super Robot Wars Z (PS2) 361k 361k [NEW]
2 Pocket Monster Plutinum (DS) 195k
3 World Destruction (DS) 59k 59k [NEW]
4 Rhythm Heaven Gold (DS) 54k
5 Kinnikuman Muscle Grand Prix 2 Special Edition (PS2) 37k 37k [NEW]
6 X Edge (PS3) 28k 28k [NEW]
7 Dragon Ball DS (DS) 26k
8 Wii Fit (Wii) 21k
9 Aquanaut's Holiday (PS3) 15k 15k [NEW]
10 Daigasso! Band Brothers DX (DS) 14k

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Le-mo3722d ago

Wow, impressive numbers for the 360. They've outsold the PS3 for 3 weeks straight. Hopefully this will put pressure on SCEJ to secure/develope more JRPG's to boost sales in Japan.

chaosatom3722d ago (Edited 3722d ago )

I don't think sony has anything to worry about in Japan.

vgcharts is now actually reporting real number, now that's confusing.

Cwalat3722d ago

i think somehow, the switch to 360 by FF13 made the japaneese go crazy... too bad they'll have to wait even longer inorder to play it..

predator3722d ago

If you read its Famitsu numbers which are facts and not made up..VGcharts are just reporting it so if the 360 outsold the ps3 3 weeks on the trot then it did

Time Lord3722d ago

I personally don't think they will be able to sustain these sale numbers.

Gam713722d ago

chaos the ps2 outsold the ps3 as well.

mind you the 360 outsold the ps3.
Maybe sony should start taking a notice in the 360.
It looks like the japanese have.

Blasphemy3722d ago

FFXIII doesn't even release in Japan... It's Europe and North America only for Xbox 360.

CrazzyMan3722d ago

After having pricecut, 2 jrpg games, still it`s going down.
PS3 sales are stable.
Wii sales are also kinda low, compared to sales trend severals months ago.
PSP sales also got down, but that because in anticipation of new psp-3000 model.
DS doing great.
PS2 still have some power, was able to outsell x360. While it doesn`t compete wth other Sony console - ps3. =)

3722d ago
AAACE53722d ago

But when 360 was the lowest selling console in japan... It was doomed!

Now that the Ps3 is in the 360's place.... It's Ok?

Sony's high tech new console that is suppose to move mountains and part seas (Based on fanboys expectations), is getting beaten by every console that is weaker that it. Not to mention, getting beat by it's older counterpart!

I'm glad all of these consoles are selling, but some people need to put the fanboy thing aside and just accept reality, and not try to spin everything to make something bad look good!

You love the Ps3 so much... do your part, and buy as many games as you can! Encourage your friends to buy a Ps3 and buy alot of games! But don't come to N4G where there are real gamers, and expect to change anyones mind about anything. Because we know what we want before it is even released!

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leyego3722d ago

the ps2 outsold both the ps3 and 360
common ps3 and xbox step up, pre-gen consoles are kicking both ur asses.

juuken3722d ago (Edited 3722d ago )

Sony needs to pick up the pace with the PS3 but lol the PS2 is still hanging in there.

Didn't expect to see the 360 outsell the PS3 again for three weeks straight but oh well. But those numbers are dropping sharply. They sold 14,000 units the last time and now they're down to 10,000.

kewlkat0073722d ago (Edited 3722d ago )

I bet your very happy on the in side aren't ya

The sooner them PS2 devs start making the games Japanese have loved on the PS3, the sooner the PS3 will start obliterating everything else in sales over there.

But with the state of Japanese development and the rising cost they are in a funky transition. Imagine how cheap it is to make PS2 games as opposed to PS3 titles currently. They slowly have to start the transition but with the Xbox 360 doing well and being cheaper to produce games on. we'll see what happens.

Only the BIG name titles sell well over there, besides the Wii +NDs games, again easier platform. Should be interesting sony not only needs to get more JRPG's but give m ore support as the rising cost of development in Japan is a serious problem. Especially if your game won't sell.

juuken3722d ago

True, it'll happen soon enough.

I'm not exactly happy about the numbers. I'm just stating facts...and there's three disagrees and counting for that.

That's okay.

TheColbertinator3722d ago

Dont worry about it Juuken.Just your "fans" from the open zone showing their appreciation for you.

on topic:Nice one on the part of Microsoft.Lets see if all these price drops and JRPGs work for them on the end of the month

AAACE53722d ago

See, the trick is, in the past developers would just make a game and put it on a disc! But with rising cost, and the fact that publishers are scared to gamble on a game that could be a bust... Developers are releasing their games on XBL and PSN instead, to reduce the risk!

They are starting with mostly older or really cheap games. And if the outlook is good, they will release higher quality games in the future!

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Cyrus3653722d ago

Now before people assume this is "Vgchartz" number, this is them translating Famitsu numbers.

Stryfeno23722d ago (Edited 3722d ago )

*Clap hands*

zimbo0073722d ago

x360 --29k -14k -10k -5k

PS3 will outsell x360 next week

x360 costs 1/3 as ps3 in Japan

However after TGS x360 will go back to typical 1k per week

Gam713722d ago (Edited 3722d ago )

Again we have the "wait til next week"

It amazes me how every time you open your mouth nasim you prove what an idiot you are.

edit below,

you ps3 lot was saying the spike would be over after the first week.
In fact you said the 360 wouldn't outsell the ps3 in japan at all in september.

The fact the 360 outsold the ps3 again shows the spike isn't over.
Save that comment for when the ps3 finally outsells the 360 again.

Sure that might be next week your comment was a bit premature. You're not flopbox are you :)

Veryangry_bot3722d ago

And the xbots celebrate when they win 3 weeks in a row.

Lmao, notice something funny, xbots? The spike is already dead like we TOLD you it would.


theKiller3722d ago (Edited 3722d ago )

can u prove me or give me a link to where we said

"you ps3 lot was saying the spike would be over after the first week.
In fact you said the 360 wouldn't outsell the ps3 in japan at all in september."


u bots keep saying lies about us and put words in our mouths!!
first no body knew for a fact MS will make a price cut in september, so am sure if what u said is right it must have been in august!!

and i said it before

28,xxx --> 14,xxx --> x,xxx which i was still right (i dont think they sold exactly 10,00 and even if 360 did then i missed by one unit)

Gam713722d ago

Because you didn't say it doesn't mean no-one else did.


outsell the PS3 in Europe???? what are you smoking man, the 360 hasn't outsold the PS3 in Europe in aaaaagggggeeeeesssss

and never will again....

it got lucky in Japan for a week.... things will go back to normal soon... WKC soon

NA- price cut will give a boost, whatever- it will wear off"

hows that.
ok then hows this
"6 days 7 hours ago
Waking up to the glow of your Playstation 3 is a beautiful sight,the Japanese understand that waking up to the glow of your 360 is a very dangerous sight,therefore i expect the Japanese to fully abandon the flopbox this week"

not convinced
"6 days 7 hours ago

when the ps3 had strong sales it was all about wait until the end of the month results..

now we are back to week by week sales?"
i told that person then to wait for the monthly as the 360 would outsell the ps3 for that month.

Which it has and where is he now?
just like you droids with you lies and wild claims when your lies do come true you conveniently forget what you said and move on to the next lie.

then this guy in the same thread
" lol wasnt xbox on 28000k 2 weeks ago ?
what a huuuuge drop in sales hahahahahahaha !

it wont take loong now before xbox is at 500 AGAIN! "
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ZackFair - 14 days 3 hours ago
4 - It will never sell a million units in Japan
It is at its peak right now, next week it won't even move 10,000. It'll go downhill after that. "

But it did move more than 10,000 the week after, and and again.

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