The Surge Sells an Estimated 44K Units First Week at Retail

The science fiction, action RPG from Deck13 Interactive and Focus Home Interactive - The Surge - sold 44,077 units first week in the west at retail on consoles, according to VGChartz estimates.

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DaDrunkenJester473d ago (Edited 473d ago )

I feel like if Deck 13 would sell these games at AA price ($40) they would do a bit better. They aren't as well done and polished as other AAA's. We need to see that price point come around more.

VideoGamesAreDumb473d ago

Debatable. Let's say they sell it for 33% percent less (40 instead of 60), will that push 33% more units?

Now if that happens, they break even, which changes nothing. If it sells more, by how much?

You never know, sometimes 60 dollars is the best bet for the biggest return.

DaDrunkenJester473d ago

All I know is that I would have bought it at $40...

VideoGamesAreDumb473d ago

Exactly. So they'd at the very least sell 1/3 more than they did just to match their actual sales.

Smaller developer, nondescript name, non traditionally busy season. That's already an uphill climb as is. Cut price is a loss at launch, even with the positive reviews, this game is still lost in the mix.

XanderZane472d ago

I thought it would sell at least 150k-200K it's first week and then drop off after that. Starting at such a low amount, it probably won't even sell 500K before the end of the year.

MorpheusX473d ago

I agree, also if it had a player creator option, it makes the game experience more personal, it would have sold better perhaps.


I'm no expert but that sounds like a flop to me.

PixelGateUk473d ago

Retail games for a middle market release? nah

Dlacy13g473d ago

I loved the idea behind the game and conceptually there are some good things going on but every preview I saw made this game look like the same setting over and over ...even enemies seemed similar. Then add in the lack of any kind of projectile weapon system to compliment the melee combat and it just seemed very bland. Maybe on a sale but not at a full $60.

Maxor473d ago

This is one of the best Soul-like on the PS Pro. Silky smooth 60 FPS all the way. I actually enjoyed this game and it's performance so much that I found it hard to return Dark Souls 3's and it's turd like 30 FPS.

ReesesPuffs473d ago (Edited 473d ago )

They patched DS3 to run at 60 fps on the PS4 Pro so I have no idea what you're complaining about.

Maxor473d ago

This is what I'm talking about vs The Surge, which is a true 60 FPS game

Dark Souls 3 on the PS Pro is an "unlocked" game after the patch and it will dip into 30-35 when I need performance the most, mainly at boss battles.

Goldby472d ago


Yea dark souls 3 will hit 60 fps when you are opening doors, looking at the sky. But during combat it's around 45

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The story is too old to be commented.