UK PS3 Launch info at Midnight

ThreeSpeech have posted an article, claiming they will release all the PS3 launch info at midnight.It sounds like they already have the info, but can't release it until midnight (see comment 4 in the article).

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bigmack5228d ago

i hope it will be good news for the people in UK.

techie5228d ago

I don't wanna pay $800 + for it though :(

Gamer135228d ago

No less no more.


Antan5228d ago (Edited 5228d ago )

Thats quite a margin you got there!!! Any more than 425 will not be acceptable, not that this figure is acceptable in itself, but is the figure that has been bandied around for the past 7 months or so.

Juevani5228d ago

ya'll got all the technology needed for nex-gen and hd for 425 what more do we need, if you buy another console you'll have to pay it anyway, you pay for online and hd dvd play if needed ''dvds is soon to be not found for movies ;) '' I mean 425 for a new technologi and a console that got it all in one is not much really. anyway good find Topov81

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