Spider-Man Preview: Insomniac Games on villains, Sunset Overdrive and their 'responsibility'

Insomniac Games Creative Director Bryan Intihar talks to Daily Star to discuss the choice of villains, how Sunset Overdrive helped shape development and the great responsibility they feel to deliver an amazing Spider-Man game.

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nix562d ago

when it was first shown that Insomniacs are working on Spiderman game, i really thought inFamous devs should have been working on it. but the recent trailer has changed that view. i'm quite surprised that sony gave them the game considering they went full Xbox. anyways, SO certainly did help them build the foundation for Spidey. here's to more info and a great game. cheers.

Scatpants562d ago

Just feel how fun the traversal is on Sunset Overdrive and you can see why Sony picked them.

M4I0N3562d ago (Edited 562d ago )

That was exactly my thoughts on this, when rumors were going around that the infamous devs were working on this I was feeling so assured that this will get so much great level of work thrown into it, but since they announced at E3 that it was insomniac, I wasn't sure how I felt as some of their games have been hit an miss.

I respect insomniac for the Ratchet series, sunset overdrive, Resistance 1 (still the best one in my eyes) and spyro but I wish it got a more experienced developer like Sucker Punch in the sandbox genre to give it true justice

Darkfist_Flames561d ago

I still want to know what sucker punch is working on, i was glade they didnt world on spiderman, because i want more Infamous, they said that it was a new ip :(

KwietStorm562d ago

What's there to be surprised about? PlayStation has had a long running relationship with Insomniac since PS2. So what they made a game on Xbox. These are professionals, not bickering kids on n4g. And Insomniac wanted to keep their IP. That's why Sunset was on Xbox.

Moe-Gunz562d ago

I'm wondering if they'll make a sequel to SO. They wanted to keep the IP and that's why it was an Xbox Exclusive, but I'm wondering was it worth it in the end if they don't do anything with the IP.

TheRealHeisenberg562d ago


It would be my guess that MS paid them enough to make it somewhat worth it. Maybe not.

Anzil562d ago

Insomniac is the king of 3rd person platformers I wouldnt want SuckerPunch to touch this.....

Darkfist_Flames561d ago

that wasnt surprising, sony tried to buy Insomniac once, but they refused, because they want to be independent.

badz149561d ago

I will keep repeating this! Insomniac, please bring SSOD to the PS4. the Definitive version

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edeprez562d ago

Good read, it sounds like they are doing everything right over at insomniac. I am genuinely excited to play this game.

Donnie81562d ago

If Spiderman is on the same level sunset overdrive then we are all in for a treat. The game was just a blast to play. To me that's how the e3 demo of Spiderman looked. I knew I'd have a blast playing that not to mention the game is stunning to look at as well.

DivineAssault 562d ago

I have high hopes for this game.. Hopefully this ends up being the definitive 3D spiderman game.. It sure is looking like it