'Minecraft' looks like a completely different game in 4K

The best demonstration of the Xbox One X's 4K capabilities comes from an unlikely, blocky source: Minecraft. Behind closed doors at E3 2017, Microsoft showed off a handful of games it upgraded to 4K just for the Xbox One X, including Gears of War 4, but Mojang's cube-based crafting game clearly got the most drastic upgrade. When the free 4K update and the Super Duper Graphics Pack lands in the fall, those blobs of grass will transform into blades.

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343_Guilty_Spark567d ago

You didn't look.

Higher resolution + High resolution textures = significantly better looking game.

Princess_Pilfer567d ago

Yeah, that has nothing to do with resolution (it's still minecraft) and everything to do with the textures they replaced. Those may or may not be 4k textures (don't know or care) but, more importantly, they're obviously completely different textures. Basically anything is an improvement over vanilla minecraft textures, which are garbage (and probably so the creator could focus on things that matter more to the game.)

MrFisher21567d ago (Edited 567d ago )

So wouldn't the high resolution textures make the real difference, not the 4k?

343_Guilty_Spark567d ago (Edited 567d ago )


Are you saying the game with the super texture pack will look as good on a 720p or 1080p screen?

Higher resolution will let you see finer details in the textures, hence it will look better.

NotoriousWhiz567d ago

I'd bet the Switch version, when it gets this update will also look like a completely different game despite the lower resolution.

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XStation4pio_Pro567d ago

no surprise there. its not playstation related.

X-Alchemist567d ago

lol who even asked for a 4K minecraft? The game was clearly never about flashy graphics. I'm baffled as to why MS thought this was necessary, as if this is what we'd want to buy an Xbox X for.

UnHoly_One567d ago (Edited 567d ago )

I'm guessing the people that play Minecraft will love it.

"Minecraft was never about flashy graphics", but it isn't like they are removing features to add this, so how is it a bad thing?

I guess they could have sold it as a remastered version and made everyone pay for it again, that's what Sony likes to do.

RommyReigns567d ago


'I guess they could have sold it as a remastered version and made everyone pay for it again, that's what Sony likes to do.'

At least Sony didn't waste $2.5 BILLION trying to get the IP back for Crash, as a matter of fact they didn't need to as the remake is the fastest selling opening for a game in the UK so far this year, and likely to hold that until the multiplats start rolling in later this year.

bolimekurac567d ago (Edited 567d ago )

rommyreigns what?? they made 7 billion on minecraft alone, they made that initial investment already, they have 155 million players with 55 million average players per month, get this fact through your head, minecraft is worth more then all sony exclusives combined, thats not up for debate. so while people hate on minecraft, remember that its the most played game in the world. i could understand the hate if it was a niche game like some sony and microsoft exclsuives that sell only 500,000 but this is not one of those.

steveo123456567d ago

heres your toys back, they seemed to fall out of your pram

fenome566d ago


Where did you find that it's made 7 billion for Microsoft? I tried looking it up but couldn't find it anywhere.

Genuinely curious, I don't doubt it, I know it was making tons of money for Mojang before they sold it.

I know it's got 155 million players with 55 million average in a month, which is just crazy. I can't believe it's still going so strong.

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armchairDev567d ago

Probably because you were too busy posting nonsensical first comments as usual, instead of actually playing games.

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freshslicepizza567d ago

"It's not for lack of wanting to or effort on our part," Aubrey Norris, senior global communications manager, told Engadget. "We are in discussions with our partners right now. We want PlayStation, and we invite Sony to bring PlayStation players onto Bedrock."

But Sony has made it perfectly clear they are worried about protecting its users even though Sony can't protect them from the PC??? In this valiant effort to distance itself from console crossplay they are willing to now get the least desireable version of the game and some seem ok with that decision, not sure why.

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Eonjay567d ago

They will have to come to a mutually acceptable agreement. The update system and they game has changed, not Sony.

Aenea567d ago

I am sure when MS is more lenient in how they are allowing cross-play that Sony will jump on board!

freshslicepizza567d ago

I bet you're sure,

It appears Sony wants Nintendo to be more lenient too, right? It could never possibly be 100% only about Sony, we have to shift part of the blame on everyone.

567d ago
567d ago
Aenea567d ago (Edited 567d ago )

I can also post links to old articles showing that MS is the problem:

And here is something about how MS their way is special according to them:

Look, no one here can know why exactly MS denied crossplay on certain occasions and why Sony didn't with others. We can speculate all we want but we really do not know for certain.

Unless we finally have all the details we can't be certain who's the culprit here.

freshslicepizza567d ago (Edited 567d ago )

Maybe if you stopped typing nonsense you would actually listent to debelopers like Psyonix. Why do you continue to refuse to beleive it's not 100% Sony even after Jim Ryan came out and said they are not doing it? You sit there and bring up old articles before Microsoft announced they want to now do crossplay, you ignore how games like Pure Chess which isn't even on the Xbox where Sony also ignored such requests, you ignore all the dialogue with the makers of Rocket League, you ignore Jim Ryan flat out saying they are not interested.

Why do you bother when you continue to waste everyone's time when they explain these things to you OVER AND OVER.

F4ctory_Reset567d ago

Come on Moldy, Microsoft is using Xbox Live to achieve cross-play on Minecraft. They can't possibly expect Sony to say yes to that when they're already doing fine without it?

Let's see if MS offers a solution without the need for an XBL account and bash Sony when/if they still don't allow cross-play if that were the case.

Aenea567d ago

"Why do you bother when you continue to waste everyone's time"

You're hilarious you know that, right?

There's simply more to this then we know, but some people just can't seem to understand that...

RommyReigns567d ago


steveo123456567d ago

Isnt the best version of the game still the java version?

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Thatguy-310567d ago

It's mainly the super duper graphics pack

343_Guilty_Spark567d ago

It's both working together. I'm not sure why you're downplaying the effect of 4K.

Even games like Horizon look significantly better at checkboard 4k vs 1080p.

Thatguy-310567d ago (Edited 567d ago )

We're talking about minecraft. With out the graphic pack the game would look similar just with a better resolution. But like you said it's a combination of both but more so the super duper graphics pack that's changing how the game looks overall.

steveo123456567d ago

without fake k, I don't think horizon would look very appealing at all

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