TGS, Sony's 'Unannounced Games' and Common Sense

In an opinion piece, Sponge writes "Sony Japan's announced list of playable games for TGS carries the words, "More unreleased title (sic)", before listing the publishers. Presumably that's a bit of a mistranslation, but it seems unlikely that a perfect translation would read - 'More unreleased, brand-spanking new, never-before-seen titles'. It seems more likely that the titles in question are, 'Unannounced for TGS'."

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tharealest3669d ago

JAK the lost frontier, nex-gen sly cooper,shadow of the colossus sequel.. something along these lines, please!

Lucreto3669d ago

I hope they announce a Jak game for this christmas. I did see a video that looked like a leaked version of a game. It could be a PS3 game or a PSP game we don't know.

I will be happy with a Suikoden VI announcement exclusive to the PS3 that will fully cement my purchase as the best.

Silogon3669d ago

Konami being on the list is very promising for a Suikoden game; that's for sure. I can't wait for the next 1 and if it is Ps3 exclusive consider me resold. It is easily the best traditional/non traditional RPG ever made. Easily one of my top 10 games of all time, along with Alundra and Suikoden 2.

Max Power3669d ago

would be cool, but i think sucker punch are focusing on finishing Infamous

Freak of Nature3669d ago

IN a perfect World they will be showing a new Trico game that mixs the best of what we got from both ICO and SOTC...

Beyond good and Evil 2,and Jax 4 would be fantastic,but this being a Japanese show,it's doubtful,but one can hope....

Silogon3669d ago

I love how I got 2 disagrees, and more to follow I'm sure, for saying suikoden is great and 1 of my top 10 games of all time. Like you dongs know better than me what I like.

Anyways, to the rest of you level headed posters above me, this is TGS. Remember that. These western games you all want like Jak, Sly cooper and Beyond good and evil... that makes little to know sense to show those at this event.

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sinncross3669d ago

PPl if you have been following Sony at these conventions you would realise they their new games have been announced by developers related to that region.
They won't announce a new Jax (especially when ND are still working on Uncharted 2), neither a new Sly Cooper (they're working on inFamous).

I want those games announced as well, but TGS won't be the place... TGS is about appealing to the Japanese market mainly.

ICO3 is sure to show.. ZOE3 i hope!!!
lets hope sony uses this time to get some JRPG's out.

also, as for the article.. the titles are possibly unnannounced in japan, not for TGS.

Lucreto3669d ago

Usually I would think so to but They can announce them anywhere. They has Resistance 2 in Europe and Insomniac are from the US. ND are first part so they can appear anywhere Sony pleases.

Charlie26883669d ago (Edited 3669d ago )

Dude you are addressing to the average N4G user that despite so any years still thinks Games Developer Conference is the 2nd E3 and the same people that were furious at Sony for not having JRPGs at Leipzig

and probably the same kind of people that will be ranting about this exact same year...despite how much time you waste trying to explain how stuff works to them

like i've said before this gen is all about wishful thinking = reality and selective amnesia both regarding the gaming world

tocrazed4you3669d ago (Edited 3669d ago )

The new rpg demon souls totally contradict what they said... It is a full fledge game, RPG for the ps3, NOT A PSN TITLE, is PLAYABLE AT TGS. Can I say gg?

DarkBlood3669d ago

yeah maybe after naughty dog should work on a good crash banditcoot game like the playstation 1,2,3 and the party game were good a ps3 exclusive game would be excellent but yeah i might get uncharted

Magnus3669d ago

I really hope they relase a new Wild Arms game for the Ps3 Legend of Dragoon 2 would be nice Zoe 3 and Soukoden 4 would be awsome. Or if anything A new Grandia game also I know its mainly Rpgs but one can only play Fps for so long lol.

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