Spyro the Dragon PS4 remaster hint in latest Crash Bandicoot game?

There's more fuel to the fire that a Spyro the Dragon PS4 remaster could be on the cards sooner rather than later.

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Eidolon1450d ago

Yes, please. Thank you. And please remake my childhood.

brando0081452d ago

Please God let it happen. My very first PlayStation game

opoikl1451d ago (Edited 1451d ago )


I remember it so well and it's one of my fondest memories, the game being a gift for me and my younger brother underneath the Christmas Tree. My parents knew nothing of consoles so I was asked to give the brand new PSX and the game a quick try before being wrapped in gift paper. The game IS Christmas for me ever since :)

Relientk771451d ago


Spyro the Dragon was the first PS1 game I ever played

thekhurg1451d ago

My first was Resident Evil.

Sam Fisher1451d ago

Unfortunately mine was the movie street fighter

RommyReigns1451d ago

Year of the Dragon was fricking awesome, as was Spyro 2. Spyro 1 was great as well.

andrewsquall1451d ago

Mine was Twisted Metal even though it was much bigger in the US and I am Irish lol.

armchairDev1451d ago

...Where is the hint? What does it have to do with Spyro??

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-Foxtrot1452d ago

Spyro Trilogy

Crash Team Racing and Crash Bash with online

They have two more things they can do...but honestly they better put CTR and Crash Bash in one game letting it share the online matchmaking along with character customization if there's any.

InKnight7s1451d ago

That will be most addicted online ever family and friends will be back together again.

RommyReigns1451d ago

Or CTR fully updated with dedicated online servers and maybe new tracks/tracks from Crash Tag Team Racing, and Crash Bash updated with both old and new mini games to rival Mario Party and with online.

subtenko1451d ago

no, let them make a new crash game or a new crash bash game. We already have 3 great crash remasters. Time for e remake/sequel now if nsane does well like they hinted at

-Foxtrot1451d ago


I'd rather have CTR and Cash Bash together first

...It's Crash Team Racing man

Mr_Luke1451d ago

It would be a dream: first Crash, then Spyro when he was a great game. I hope they remaster the 3 first chapters like Crash :D not the other garbage.

andrewsquall1451d ago

I agree although the music in "Spyro 4" was still done by Stewart Copeland of The Police and so at the music was still great. :)

Legatus1451d ago

Ooohhh, please don't play with my hearth...

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