Games Have Been Underwhelming This Generation

This generation of gaming has, in my mind started to stagnate. To clarify, this generation started with the release of the Wii U in 2012 and the PS4 and Xbox One the next year. Innovation and creativity have traditionally been a huge factor in game development. Considering gaming’s roots as a nearly dead industry in the 80s, developers had no choice but to innovate in order to draw a crowd. Now that gaming has gotten to the point that it rivals even the film industry, it feels like it’s started to let some of that success go to its head. Now, there’s entirely too much focus on gaming’s past, leading to a regression in new content in favor of older games. There’s also a safety net of successful franchises that developers don’t want to stray too far from.

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chrisx2093d ago

You must not own a Ps4 because the games there have been overwhelmingly amazing. Sit down

DanteVFenris6662092d ago

Let's not be a fanboy.

But I believe gaming is a lot better than the previous generation. It's seems to finally be less about graphics as now their pushing those to their limits and more about gameplay.

While last generation would sacrifice everything in order to have a shinier coat

Imalwaysright2092d ago

?? Current gen games are last gen games with shinier coats and the only AAA game that truly introduced a next gen mechanic is Shadow of Mordor with its awesome nemesis system.

Last gen pushed gaming forward much more than the current gen.

Krysis2092d ago

Telling chrisx not to be a fanboy is like telling the sun it can't rise today.

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen2092d ago

The number of highly rated games from this gen just about matches the number of highly rated games from last gen. With Nintendo and Sony leading the way, the number of highly rated games will surpass the number of highly rated games from last gen, EASILY.

OB1Biker2092d ago

What I know is there ve been great games and the best is still to come. No need to get dragged into the gaming sites manipulative negativity and nostalgia.

agent45322092d ago

Gameplay wise I disagree because it has been about visual fidelity especially considering the framerate/resolution debate. Today's games have very little content unless the gamer is willing to pay for DLC and microtransanctions. There have been good games but not very innovative games. Games that bring new gameplay ideas like using ragdoll physics to dodge bullets or do some crazy martial arts acrobatics. Using tres fx so the bad guy grabs the character to prevent the player from escaping. Able to shoot from ladders in every game not just Uncharted. Bring a true knife combat the current one sucks similar to what we see in movies or go realistic about it......

The 10th Rider2092d ago


"The number of highly rated games from this gen just about matches the number of highly rated games from last gen."

Complete bulls***. Discounting remasters/rereleases . . .

Number of PS4 games 90 or above: 8

Number of Xbox One games 90 or above: 6

Number of Wii U games 90 or above: 5

Number of PS3 games 90 or above: 43

Number of Xbox 360 games 90 or above: 47

Number of Wii games 90 or above: 12

We're 4 years into this generation and the numbers aren't even close. You completely made up your statement without even bothering to check if there was anything to back it up.

RommyReigns2092d ago

'Let's not be a fanboy. '

This article was written by a fanboy with a clickbait title, therefore it deserves to be critiqued by people on here regardless of if you accept the critique or not.

2092d ago
DemoIishor2092d ago

I fail to see how pointing out the presence of good games on a console warrants the label of fanboy.

sonarus2092d ago

I own a PS4 and a ton of games. I have probably owned or played all the big releases with exception of few like rise of tomb raider, new ghost recon etc.

From my point of view this generation has also been weak. No good horror titles. Resident evil 4 was the last good horror resident evil but I was ok going all action with coop addition. But at least I could count on dead space to scratch my horror itch. This gen NOTHING comes even a little close to this but maybe I have missed some titles

Last generation was all about first person shooters. I grew so tired of shooters and I suspect a lot of others too. This generation it's all open world games. Metal gear solid probably my favorite game series all time went open world. Mgs5 is not bad but the lack of strong story narrative really made me dislike it more than I would like to. Gameplay is great but open world is not needed.

Still no gran tourism release and no drive club is not the same

This generation I just haven't been blown away by a single game. Ps2 mgs God of war gran tourism those were mind blowing games for me. PS3 : uncharted dead space last of us (freaking incredible) mgs4 also incredible.

This gen only game to blow my mind... witcher. I don't expect lAst of us to disappoint tho

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Princess_Pilfer2092d ago

I love how this immediately turns into a fanboy war being started by people who clearly didn't read the article. They aren't making a statement on the quality of the games themselves.

I don't even agree with the article, the AAA industry (by virtue of the multiple millions of dollars on the line) has basically never been the innovative place, in general they wait for some small to mid sized studio to do something that turns out to work well, then they copy it. (Or they just copy whoever is the most popular at the time hoping to gain the same success, like the flood of modern military shooters after Modern Warfare and the flood of open world games after Skyrim.)

In my view, complaining that the AAA industry isn't innovating *this gen* is like complaining that it's hot in Saudi Arabia this year. If you want innovative games, you'd best do 2 things: Get a PC (they typically come out on PC first because of the lower barrier to entry for developers) and stop looking for them with major publishers.Ubisoft and Devolver Digital do some stuff some times, but mostly you're looking at self published or small-mid sized publishers whos buisness model involves a lot of risky but comparatively cheap games.

BlackTar1872092d ago

How is what he said fanboy?

This article reads like this guy doesn't own a ps4 or switch

Princess_Pilfer2092d ago

Because the author *clearly* references *multiple* PS4 exclusive games and explains why (granted not at any great length) despite being good they aren't especially innovative.

Which a fanboy immediately turned into "my system is so awesome and has all the best and most innovative stuff and you're just jelous because your system doesn't," because they didn't actually read the article.

And, spoiler, neither did you. If you did, I wouldn't need to explain this.

BlackTar1872092d ago

Rofl You're so full of it.

DemoIishor2092d ago

I hate how people say "I love how/when" when they want to smugly mock or condemn something they clearly do not love. It sounds pretentious and arrogant.

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Kenshin_BATT0USAI2092d ago (Edited 2092d ago )

I mean you don't really need to read the article to know this guy is wrong.

1. Games this year in particular have been spectacular IMO

2. If they are discussing innovations, they need to state WHAT. Simply put, anyone expecting games to fundamentally change just due to a slightly better processor and graphics card with some ram sprinkled is just dumb.

That aside, they should be stating in their title, games aren't innovative enough this gen. Going by the title clearly this is clickbait the the writer should consider getting a new job, I hear buzzfeed would love them.

Princess_Pilfer2091d ago


Yeah, you do. Click bait it may be, but if you don't read it then you don't understand the context that argument is being put in, as illustrated by the idiot fanboys/girls who are just commenting on the headline and *completely* missing the point.

Further, underwhelming has *literally* no connection to quality. It has everything to do with expectations and desires not matching up with what one actually gets. If one expects new and innovative, amazing games can still be underwhelming.

I don';t care. I'm only "pretentious and arrogant" because I'm correct and literally anybody who read the damn article would know exactly why. If people don't want to be talked down to, they can start by attacking the actual idea being presented and not an inane strawman they got by not actually bothering to see what idea was being presented.

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Sam Fisher2092d ago

Man, this generation felt like a continuation of last gen. Most games are sequels wether exclusive content or multiplat. There really is a handful of this gen games that are truly new. Where as last gen was every other week was a new ip completely left to right, all companies had like 3 new ips

DarXyde2092d ago

I wouldn't be so quick to dismiss sequels. It really depends on what it offers. For example, Metal Gear Solid V. We can complain about the story at length; it was simply a weak entry in terms of narrative. The gameplay however was vastly different from previous entries. Vastly. I would say it was a pretty considerable innovation for the series. Even Resident Evil 7 really shook up the formula. Gravity Rush 2 is pretty similar to the original but I also feel like it fleshed out and seriously improved the last game's mechanics beautifully.

New IPs are awesome, but people seem to be complacent. Honestly, I think developers are afraid to try new things if their last project didn't do well enough to offer a buffer for experimentation. See how Capcom depends on their established franchises? Financially, they're a mess. They can't afford to try something new. We did see some great be IPs like Horizon and Bloodborne. We saw some that have potential but need to be revisited with a fine tooth comb. Overall, I think when we see a new IP pop up and see sales performance, it either encourages or discourages other developers to try something new. Ni Oh would be an example of a good one. Sunset Overdrive, despite being a great game, didn't really pull in the numbers and is an example of how it can go badly.

Father__Merrin2092d ago

im happy with my ps4, seems the only people who moan are those that dont own one,

Sam Fisher2092d ago

Nope, i have a p4 and wish for all companies to prosper with new ips

PurpHerbison2092d ago

There is definitely lots of games, although most aren't for me. But my wants are obscure I guess.

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PhoenixUp2093d ago

You keep telling yourself that while I'll continue enjoying more 8th gen titles

mcstorm2092d ago

Tbh I agree. We have had some very good games this gen but not many new ips it's all the same. For me horizon has been the best new IP this gen and forza horizon 3 has been the best racer this gen but it's not really a new IP.

Look back at last gen and you had gears, UC, splatoon (ok classed as this gen maybe) Alan wake, last of us just to name a few what have we seen this gen it's not much. Even 3rd partys are yoy games with cod, bf, AC, fifa ect and the top 10 charts are more or less the same yoy to. We have also seen more remastered games this gen than others to. Seems the way the industry is going because of the type of gamers we now have as we seem to have all the iPhone and Samsung galaxy owners doing the same with gaming so to speak.

2092d ago
mcstorm2091d ago

hvaguy haha I'm not really fussed but I do believe gamers on this site are quite new as what I have said is true. Look at the new ips this gen esp AAA there are not to many compared to last gen.

TheRacingX2092d ago (Edited 2092d ago )

I dont think the writer is saying there are NO new and innovative games, they are just far and few between , compared to PS1/2 days when you could find yourself backlogged with 10+ great games....I agree that this has become a remix, remaster and reboot generation....along with yearly sequelitis of the same game with a new coat of paint....Gaming grew and flourished because of new IP risks, but now, if you dont sell 5+ Million your first week youre a failure and dead in the water....DLC and microtransactions are a whole other curse on the industry , but thats another debate.

The 10th Rider2092d ago

Even compared to last gen we really haven't seen nearly as many new AAA series this gen. Most of the best games have been sequels or remasters. Compare that to last gen, which saw the birth of series such as Mass Effect, Bioshock, The Last of Us, Uncharted, Batman's Arkham series, LittleBigPlanet, Minecraft, Gears of War, Xenoblade, Dark Souls, Bayonetta, Crysis, Dragon Age, Dead Space, Borderlands, Assassin's Creed, Dishonored, Injustice . . . Nowadays we just see more and more of the same.

This gen we've had Horizon, Overwatch, Titanfall, Rocket League, Shadow of Mordor, Destiny, Nioh, and Splatoon. (You can count Bloodbourne if you want, I didn't because it's akin to a Dark Souls spinoff instead of a new series).

Not only do AAA games now take longer to come out, they also have less innovation and take fewer risks. Indies are really the only area of gaming seeing significant innovation, but they are typically much smaller in scale.

Game budgets are getting so big that publishers are less willing to take risks. Also development teams are larger and there's a lot less room for an individual to bring up a suggestion and have it taken seriously.

agent45322092d ago

Is not just the size of the team but also the location of the team members. If my marketing team is in US but the game designer of the game is in Japan that makes it difficult to make the game.

yellowgerbil2092d ago

We have less games because games take far longer. 1 to 2 year dev times have now turned into 3 to 5 year times. So it is only logical that yield has been halved

vongruetz2092d ago

It does seem a bit underwhelming to me as well. Last gen introduced (or popularized) HD graphics, big open worlds, digital game distribution, and online play. That allowed for new gaming experiences that weren't possible on the previous generation. Meanwhile this current gen offers... what? Aside from prettier pictures and smoother play, what is different? Some have said Shadow of Mordor's "Nemesis system" but that seems like a stretch to me. No Man's Sky is probably the most innovative game I've seen in years from a tech persepective, even if the game fell flat to a lot of people. I wonder what a company like Ubisoft could do with the NMS tech and build a big budget game with 1000 people working on it.

The 10th Rider2092d ago (Edited 2092d ago )

I think the nemesis system is a great example of areas developers could be innovating this gen. Of course the power this gen can be used for better graphics, but it can also be used to push a lot of behind the scenes processes: The nemesis system in Shadows of Mordor, destruction in Battlefield, the physics in Breath of the Wild, etc . . . Unfortunately we're not seeing many developers take that route, even though there's room for a lot of innovation, particularly in open world games. (Imagine some of the systems they could implement into GTA or Elder Scrolls).

_LarZen_2092d ago

Nonsense. It's amazing across all platforms.