Jak X May Have Online Capabilities For PS4 Release According To ESRB

Jak and Daxter is a seminal PlayStation classic duo that’s almost as beloved as Naughty Dog’s other classic, Crash Bandicoot. When news dropped in April that they would be making their triumphant return via PlayStation 2 Classic on PS4 people went wild.

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FallenAngel19841447d ago (Edited 1447d ago )

It better. That's the only way I'd consider getting it.

I'm still surprised we haven't heard anything new about these games getting ported for 3 months

Mangaman271447d ago

I bet we're going to hear more soon

luckytrouble1446d ago

Particularly since Jak & Daxter for PS4 is a pre-order bonus for Uncharted: Lost Legacy. That basically guarantees an update within the next month.

starboy111447d ago

Thank god, I loved Jak X's online when I was younger

DigitalRaptor1446d ago

I know, right?

And the question I'm left asking now is... how long until SOCOM comes with online multiplayer?

Mangaman271447d ago

I'm so excited for this to happen

Summons751446d ago

How about no. Stop messing with the classic game when bringing them up. It's bad enough you adding pointless and meaningless trophies but now multiplayer? What's next Fatal Frame with online multiplayer? Sony is trying hard to torpedo their brand between this and no crossplay.

F4ctory_Reset1446d ago

Dude, the game already had multiplayer on the PS2. Next time, educate yourself before you post idiotic comments. Also, the added trophy support is a great addition.

Oh wait, there was no need whatsoever to bring in crossplay into this conversation, you're just trolling.

Summons751446d ago

No shit it had multiplayer that doesn't mean it needs online. Trophies add nothing to games so how is it a great addition? Guess what they games should have replayability without the need of a meaningless trophy. I'm not trolling at all you are just a butthurt fanboy who cries when they hear the truth. PS4 is my primary system, Sony has been making a lot of bad decisions lately. Don't stroke their ego but call them out of the bad so they can do good.

Goldby1446d ago (Edited 1446d ago )


Please shut up, there is absolutely nothing wrong with adding trophy support to a remade game, or in the racing one to leave in the online racing.

Please name these bad decisions they have been making. Cuz so far the only thing o can think of lately that may cause some concern was having those dancers on sage for days gone.

rainslacker1445d ago (Edited 1445d ago )


Sony's compliance requires that all new games have a trophy set. Been this way since the trophy system was implemented. Same deal with Xbox and achievements.

Remasters are new games. They have their own product code, they have their own licensing agreements with Sony, and while many people don't care about them, there are plenty that do.

How is adding online capability to play the MP a bad thing? Or rather, how is keeping the feature a bad thing?

What exactly is bad about adding a feature to a game? What exactly is messed up by doing this? How is your game ruined by this?

Seems you are just trying to be critical for no reason.

starboy111446d ago

The original Jak X had online multiplayer. Nothing is getting added

NotanotherReboot1446d ago

The original had online multiplayer you autist

BiggerBoss1446d ago

What makes kids like you use "autist" as an insult?

Retard not good enough for you?

Mistry1446d ago

Just because you think trophies isn't a great addition doesn't mean others think the same. The gaming world doesn't revolve around your likes and dislikes. You need to calm down and stop acting as if you know what is good or bad for a game. Also how does the addition of trophies and online affect the classic gameplay? It isn't like they put a gun to your head and force you to get all trophies or you have to play online only.

F4ctory_Reset1446d ago

Let me rephrase that: it already had ONLINE MULTIPLAYER. You get it now? I told you to educate yourself yet you still replied with utter nonsense. Good job.

F4ctory_Reset1444d ago

Also, funny how you blocked me the moment you realised your argument is shit and couldn't win. Very mature.

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