Why You Should Play The Witcher 3 on Death March Difficulty

"The best way to experience CD Projekt Red’s epic conclusion to Geralt’s story."

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Takwin2541d ago

I feel like it is where the game truly shines and maximizes each of the components of preparation, strategy, and execution. My Death March full play through is my favorite game play experience of all time (and I'm 40 and have played and beaten hundreds of games)

Nu2541d ago

I recommend you try Dragons Dogma Remastered when it launches

nitus102541d ago

Dragon's Dogma is an excellent game especially Dark Arisen but most of the quests (go there kill that and escort missions) were really boring. What Capcon needs to do is randomize the drops (there is some randomisation) including the enemies you meet every time you pass the same place (you do this allot) although with Dark Arisen there are more teleports and they are not as expensive.

I did like the day/night cycle and some of those huge monsters were really fun to fight.

Getting back on topic. I fully agree that the best way to enjoy The Witcher 3 is on the "Blood and Broken Bones" and preferably "Death March" difficulty since you are basically forced to use your magic and potions.

Unfortunately, IMHO you can change the difficulty on the fly (like Skyrim and Oblivion) and there are far too many people who will adjust the difficulty down when the going gets tough and miss out on a really challenging experience. It is a pity (again my opinion) that you once you select a difficulty you can't make it easier on the fly since to me it is sort of a cheat but in a single user game, the only person you can really cheat is yourself.

I don't have any issue with a player selecting an easy mode (if one exists) initially to get a feel of the gameplay but to select a hard mode then when the going gets tough instead of getting better equipment/stats just reduce the difficulty if that capability exists. It's no wonder that Souls/Borne players use the expression "git gud" since we all have to start out as noobs and getting good then preferably better is the way to go.

BTW. For those that say I don't have the time. My answer is that TW3 is a 50 plus hour game why are you playing it if you don't have the time? Sort of like the people who want an easy mode in the Souls/Bourne series.

Princess_Pilfer2541d ago

It's not a remaster. They aren't releasing the game with higher quality assets or anything, it's just at higher resolution and a more stable framerate. An improvement, yes, a remaster, no.

freshslicepizza2541d ago (Edited 2541d ago )


I will never understand why people worry about how others play games. If the Souls games had an easy mode I bet you would be against that. Having hard settings like in The Witcher 3 is great for everyone. I do agree once you pick a difficulty you should have to stay on it.

As for Dragons Dogma getting a resmaster it already looks pretty good on the PC and runs well. Dark Arisen is only $10 on Steam right now.

Princess_Pilfer2541d ago

I hate to break it to those people who disagree, but you are wrong. I already have the PC version. There is a noticable improvement for the more detailed textures that were already in the game (Ie weapons, armor, spells and enemies) but basically everything else is the same, but displayed at higher resolution and with better Anti Aliasing.

There is simply no comparison to a remaster like FFX HD or the Halo 1 remaster where almost everything is re-done and much higher quality.

That doesn't mean it's a bad game or not worth buying or whatever, but it's not a remaster.

joab7772541d ago

I adore Dragon's Dogma. One of my favorite games last gen!

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joab7772541d ago

Yep. And even this gets too easy towards the end!

mav8052540d ago

I feel like just about every game should be played on the highest difficulty for the reasons you stated. I played TW3 on DM the first time through, which forces you to learn the game systems and mechancs to your advantage, rather than just be able to stumble through.

Big_Game_Hunters2541d ago

Because I want to spend more time fighting spongebob enemies with a boring sign spam combat? Best way to play the Witcer 3 is on the normal difficulty so you don't have to spend any more time than you need to with the shitty combat.

The game exceeds in every other standard, it's such a shame that the gameplay is so basic and boring.

PaulFiend2541d ago

This is THE truth unfortunately.

thekhurg2541d ago (Edited 2541d ago )

There is nothing shitty about the combat. On normal difficulty it requires little skill or tactical approach. Nor do you have to work with oils, potions, decoctions, or sign usage.

The enemies also don't become damage sponges unless you take the same ADHD approach to combat that the majority of complainers take when discussing this game. But hey, hammerfist your way into each fight, the developers gave you that option with the easy/normal modes.

BEASELY2541d ago

He's talking about the overall polish and redundance of the sword play, most likely.

thekhurg2541d ago

Except there's nothing unpolished about the sword play. There are counters based on terrain, instant kills, flanking crits, stagger mechanics, etc... Again, if you just hammerfist your way into each fight, then yeah it'll feel unpolished because you're just spamming light attacks over and over.

Every game in the world is redundant, so that argument is 100% moot.

2541d ago
Cy2541d ago

THANK YOU. God the combat in this game is awful. Especially the randomness of the "cool" flippy animations Geralt does throwing off your timing.

Telgou12540d ago

did you ever play an elder scrolls game or any other 3rd person rpg with swords ? of all of the ones i remember witcher 3 did the best job in creating a fun combat

Big_Game_Hunters2540d ago

Being better than shit doesn't make it good.

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Nacho_Z2541d ago

I thought it was more fun on DM, on normal difficulty I cruised through the whole game just using the Gourmet perk, switched to DM for NG+ and had to really think about my build and play the game properly.

nitus102541d ago

Yes, that "Gourmet perk" is a must have for your first perk since each recovery potion will allow you to auto recover for 20 minutes. Of course, it does not really help if you are getting beaten to a pulp by enemies that are four levels and more above your level.

ThatGuyDart2541d ago

Already did. One of the best games of the generation

CyrusLemont2541d ago

Death March was challenging not hard, which I think should be the standard for all games. Wish it had a more difficult mode though. Normal mode in video games these days is a joke.