Amazon Mid Year Digital Blowout Sale: Up To 85% Off

Are you ready to unleash a truly amazing gaming experience with your advanced gaming consoles like PS4, PS3 or PS Vita? Well, in order to exhibit a real-time gaming entertainment, you are required to purchase the gaming titles that are compatible with your console. Like any other consumer, you will always want to save money on your purchase. Aren't you? Now, in order to enjoy an enchanting gaming entertainment with easily-affordable game titles, don't forget to avail "Amazon Mid Year Digital Blowout Sale for PS4, PS3 and PS Vita".

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Taero1137d ago

That is some Shakespearean writing right there.

GottaBjimmyb1137d ago (Edited 1137d ago )

By Shakespearean, do you mean a 4th grader with a thesaurus? Because 90% of what is written makes no sense, or is using a completely improper word for their circumstance.

"Well, in order to exhibit a real-time gaming entertainment" (shouldn't have "a," even then the sentence is poorly written)

"Like any other consumer, you will always want to save money on your purchase. Aren't you?" (Aren't you what?)

"Now, in order to enjoy an enchanting gaming entertainment" (doesn't require "an")

Used to be a "low quality" article on this site would be denied, not approved, let alone not a single report. I guess that has really changed.

andibandit1137d ago

I think he was making a joke, but I think you managed to kill it.

Sam Fisher1137d ago

Yea it was sarcasm and you took it literal

hulk_bash19871136d ago

You must be fun at parties.

Goldeneye0071136d ago (Edited 1136d ago )

I was fully on board with you... right up until:
"Now, in order to enjoy an enchanting gaming entertainment" (doesn't require "an")

It actually does require an "an."

In speech and writing "a" is used before a consonant sound. ⟨a door⟩ ⟨a human⟩ Before a vowel sound "an" is proper ⟨an icicle⟩ ⟨an honor⟩ Before a consonant sound represented by a vowel letter "a" is proper ⟨a one day event⟩ ⟨a union⟩ Before unstressed or weakly stressed syllables with initial h both "a" and "an" are used in writing. ⟨a historic⟩ ⟨an historic⟩

By the way, I'm pretty sure Taero was just joking around.

GottaBjimmyb1136d ago (Edited 1136d ago )

No, an is the correct form of the word and if he said "an enchanting gaming experience," sure. But he said "an enchanting gaming entertainment" you cannot have "an" gaming entertainment, it is just gaming entertainment.

@above obviously the original comment was a joke .... Not sure what that has to do with the rest of my comment or the fact that I expected some level of quality and curation for the articles that are allowed.

Apparently that is too much to ask for this community. You guys are ridiculous.

KillZallthebeast1136d ago

Articles that are skillfully written haven't been the norm anywhere for years now. Most don't even bother trying since half the people who read them likley don't even notice it's sub par.

LOOK_AT_THIS_I1136d ago (Edited 1136d ago )

Lol. Reads articles....Who does that around here?

Everyone knows you are supposed to form an opinion from the headline and run with it. /s :)

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BeardedPriest1137d ago

LMAO @ that writing. It makes me feel weird.

DarXyde1137d ago

English might be their second language...?

I got the gist of it.

fenome1137d ago

Come one, come all, and behold thine Amazon mid year blowout sale!!

InTheZoneAC1137d ago

Or just buy directly from the ps store...same deals...

WeAreLegion1137d ago

Bots writing articles is bad enough. This is Amazon price matching. Can we ban this stuff?

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