Side-Quest: Is Gaming Immune to Attack

Travis Meacham writes: "Jack Thompson is not the Devil. And he never was. Thompson is a lot of things - a scheming liar, a self-aggrandizing opportunist and a social vampire who exploited the pain and misery of others to further his own political agenda to name a few - but evil incarnate? No. He also won't be a lawyer anymore as of October 30th 2008. The recent permanent disbarment of Florida attorney and anti-videogame crusader Jack Thompson has gamers riding high. In their minds justice has been served to this tireless bully who sought at every turn to attack this pastime of gaming that we so dearly love. But is celebration really in order when Thompson never mounted a credible threat? He was a mild nuisance at best but not worth the fuss that was made over him through the years."

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