Oh Canada: 5 Games that Celebrate Canada

There are a few games that prominently feature Canada, so let's take a look at the titles that do the Great White North proud.

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Happy Canada Day to my fellow Canadians

Profchaos2167d ago

South park the stick of truth was the best in terms of a Canada level

Goldby2167d ago

Don't starve is made by some Canadians.

Happy 150 to Canada and 375 for Quebec

DanteVFenris6662167d ago

First thing to come to mind is bioware in terms of video games

Don't starve are great developers too, their next game is shaping up to be very fun too

phoenixwing2167d ago

enjoy your Canada Day :) (likes Canadia doesn't understand what's up with people in my home country (United States) downplaying them all the time)

kneon2167d ago

I think it's because for some it's dangerous to have a successful, more liberal society sitting right next door. It goes against their narrative that such a country could exist so they need to point out and exaggerate any flaws that they can find.

The fact is every country is screwed up in their own way. Rather than picking on the flaws, we should be taking note of the successes and what we might learn from them to improve our own situations.

SkippyPaccino2167d ago

What about Scott pilgrims? That was in Toronto... Happy Canada day

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