Thoughts on the upcoming PS5 console - What does the future hold for Sony‘s flagship console?

The PlayStation 5 is on the lips of nearly everyone at this moment. So what does the future hold for Sony‘s flagship console and its Gamers? Well, here's my (Sharn Daniels, TGG) take on the matter.

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Eonjay567d ago

I really don't see anyone talking about the PS5. I'm really enjoying the PS4 and the last thing I want is to be thinking about buying a new console. I don't think it will do any good right now though.

freshslicepizza567d ago

I guess with these midcycle consoles out many are talking about power and some want Sony back in the limelight when it comes to that power.

Eonjay567d ago

It's pointless. Sony will get it the Microsoft will get it. It's endless. And I have to admit, I am really satisfied with what I have now. There is so much content to enjoy. I don't need a new console.

Brave_Losers_Unite567d ago

moldybread = making stuff up to make his argument

TGG_overlord566d ago

I've only seen "rumored" and "speculated" specs for the PS5 so far. Even so, I think it's quite obvious that Sony aims to top the Xbox One X when it comes to raw power. However, since we won't likely see the PS5 before 2019 or 2020. I bet that the console will evolve over time.

darthv72566d ago

Well its inevitable to be thinking about what the future holds. We will get a ps5 in the next few years... that much is certain. It's the uncertainty about if another mid gen system comes out 3-4 years after that.

I have a feeling both Sony and MS (maybe even Nintendo) will do this again despite their initial claims. They can't possibly make a firm answer now about things when the market could change between now and then.

S2Killinit566d ago

I knew the rumours of PS5 will begin to dissiminate. We still have plenty of time to enjoy our PS4s but the PS5 is also a couple of years away. The rumours are obviously going to be coming as they do every generation.

Bigpappy566d ago (Edited 566d ago )

Quite a few articles posted here on this site alone about a PS5. Even Sony felt compelled to mention it. Non of that was created by moldybread.
Some of you legitimately don't want it released yet (I think minority I think) , and other are wishing it will be sooner rather than later so you can get back to talking about underpowered Xbox. It's a pride thing with some of you.

I personally don't see a PS5 anytime soon, unless X1X stats selling at a very fast pace and PS4 becomes stagnant. But that will not happen, as the cheaper consoles will remain more attractive to most casual gamer who are the majority. So no ps5 for a good 3 years.

566d ago
MrFisher21566d ago

Sony is the limelight, the bulb and the bulb holder. We are the electric that keeps the bulb powered. And it is flowing bright. Take off the blinders and you will see the light.

morganfell566d ago

It doesn't matter how technologically powerful the PS5 happens to be because as usual Sony will be bringing the only real power that matters. Games. Oh wait, they are doing that now. The PS5 can wait. Sony's lead in the games department isn't going anywhere. They are increasing their lead - just hitting their stride - and MS is slacking off because they fell for the technology power bait and switch. Redmond has been outmaneuvered again.

WelkinCole566d ago

@bigpappy. Your insecurities are showing. PS4 players are really just fine with the way things are in that we have constant great games to play with. Believe me many if not all of them don't give one shit about more power and whatnot you guys think. Again having constant top notch games out now and in the future is what PS fans only care about.

FinalFantasyFanatic566d ago

For times when I give a shit about power, I turn to my PC, when I want great exclusives I can't get anywhere else I turn to Playstation or Nintendo.

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whitesoxfalife1976567d ago

exactly, i don't see no tuber talking about ps5 at all just these small sites to get clicks and such.....but what i do see is these small sites steady bashing my console brand why is that.....

TGG_overlord566d ago

Youtube is not the center of the world, I've added even more sources and links to the post for everyone to see. Bash? Sharn didn't bash anyone? His a PS4 user himself.

TGG_overlord567d ago

Is that so? And yet we listed plenty of sites in the post. Furthermore, try searching for "Playstation 5" via Google or whatever (gamereactor, m3.idg,, with many others show up with recent posts about the PS5). I agree with you there, as I'm just about to buy a PS3 slim and a PS4 Pro.

ShottyatLaw566d ago

I think the point is that saying "The PlayStation 5 is on the lips of nearly everyone at this moment" is a bit hyperbolic.

Eonjay566d ago

Of course it has been mentioned but its not as talked about as you claim. And some get worried that support for the 4 will fade if the 5 becomes the focus. Of course we know this isn't true. Either way, I expect the PS5 to be something special.

Death566d ago

Some over-zealous fans not happy about the Xbox One X's 1.8 additional Tflops of power are starting to talk about PS5 because they want to shift focus back to Sony. This is probably the worst thing to do right now since sales of PS4 and Pro are very good and rumors of a PS5 can have a negative impact on current and future PS4 sales. It would be much better to let Sony release information and market the console when they are ready.

sizeofyou566d ago

Crp. There may be a handful but the majority couldn't give a sht. Fact is, there's a glut of software heading to PS4. The same majority aren't sad enough to sit and compare two consoles running the same software. The websites do it to incite rivalry and most people shrug their shoulders and play their games.
Everyone knows that multiplats will invariably be superior on XBX, as opposed to the last 3 years. But most people will live with what they have because they are comfortable with the overall support at this time. To be fair, Sony supports that by keeping it's churn of software. PS5 won't come early because some nerds are shouting "inferiority complex". It will come when the income growth starts to flatten.

DiRtY566d ago

Exactly, the PS4 and Xbox One feel quite fresh to me. With Pro and especially X1X there is absolutely no need for a new console.

Realistically looking on it: Where could a new PS5 be significantly more powerful than the X1X and be somehow reasonably priced and built?

I don't see a PS5 happening before 2020.

Summons75566d ago

It's been 4 years, consoles typically last 5. PS5 is around the corner probably 2019 release.

Silly gameAr566d ago (Edited 566d ago )

When was there a console cycle that only lasted 5 years, unless you mean Microsoft with the Xbox one X.

Rude-ro566d ago

It's just a media attack to lower confidence in a console since there is a new one coming...
Any site that writes these articles need to be ignored..the large install base Sony has knows very well that Sony does not need more help.
They do and will continue to focus on game engines that are utilizing the console to provide THE best games on consoles.
These "articles" have been active since year one...
e3 of next year would be what you watch for, but we already know it will be jammed pack..
20-8 and 2019 are going to offer more software than any other console...
Reveal maybe at the end of 2019 or beginning of 2020

joab777566d ago

Yep. But my hope is that they simply continue what they are doing now!

XanderZane566d ago

Only thing on my lips right now PS4 Pro, XB1X and games. Not really thinking about a PS5 until 2019 gets here.

Nucler100566d ago

Right lmfao. "On the lips of nearly everyone at the moment" Who?

Lethaltare566d ago

It's not going to happen for a few years, they want to hit PS2 sales and the momentum they are having at the moment it wouldn't be surprised if they hit 100m by the end of 2018/early 2019. Crash Bandicoot N Sane trilogy has sold out on a lot of retailers across the UK making the title hard to find. This has pushed their console sales up for sure.

FinalFantasyFanatic566d ago

I would be pissed if they announced a PS5 this year or next, I'm really enjoying the PS4 and just can't keep up with all the games they're releasing for it, its' just getting out of control for me. I don't understand why people want a PS5 to come out when the PS4 has all this momentum, why throw all of that away and start a new gen from scratch (Nintendo was forced into a new gen because of how badly the WiiU went).

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XiNatsuDragnel567d ago

Who cares? PS5 is a traditional console with One Nintendo innovation in it😎

whitesoxfalife1976567d ago

gotta say that was slick from ya but its true tho.....

TGG_overlord566d ago (Edited 566d ago )

"Good artist copy great artists steal" - Picasso/Steve Jobs

TGG_overlord566d ago

I was just waiting for someone to drop a joke about Sony stealing ideas from Nintendo, and there we go :P

nitus10566d ago

Sony did collaborate with Nintendo at one stage in the 1990's with Sony trying to push CD's instead of cartridges and eventually, that collaboration collapsed with Sony bringing out the PlayStation which had a CD drive while Nintendo stuck to cartridges. Of course, we all know how that panned out.

One thing Sony and also Microsoft did "sort of copy" from Nintendo was the button layout for their respective controllers and even today that has hardly changed. Take a top-down look at the SNES controller and compare all other controllers.

As for gyroscopic control, Sony beat Nintendo by a few days on that with their six-axis control for the PS3. Look at the PS3 and Wii release dates.

OmnislashVer36567d ago

All I can say is 8-12 TFLOPS, 16GB RAM, and it will be released in 2019-2021. Aside from that don't know, don't care. I'd like to see enough of a boost sometime that AA games look nicer though.

Movefasta1993566d ago

Let's hope we get a strong cpu this time

TGG_overlord566d ago

DDR5 ram I take it? That sounds like a good guess to me. Oh yes, so I'm curious to know how much the PS5 will cost on release.

OmnislashVer36566d ago

Hell, of we're lucky we might get GDDR5X or GDDR6 Ram. All depends on how much it costs when SKHynix releases it in 2018. But GDDR5 is a more safe bet, considering it will probably be expensive.

nitus10566d ago


GDDR6 is supposed to be released in 2018 and will be initially expensive compared to GDDR5 although if the PS5 was planned for release in 2019/20 it may have come down in price significantly although like you have said GDDR5 may be the safer and cheaper bet.

It would not be all that difficult to plan for GDDR6 since it would be a minor change to the motherboard especially if you plan for a motherboard that meets the requirements of that technology.

A more important consideration is what type of processor are you going to put in the PS5 since it would have to be powerful enough not to be a bottleneck but not ridiculously powerful where you require some expensive cooling. Remember a console is actually designed with price in mind and is usually not expandable although in the case of the PS3 and PS4 you can change the storage.

As for the cost of the PS5 that is difficult to predict but I would not be surprised (present trends continuing) if it is between $400 and $500 USD and I am assuming that storage will be a 1TB SSD and/or a 2TB (could be 4TB) HDD.

BTW. It is starting to get to the stage where the only PC that will be upgradable will be the desktop PC. Some Laptops such as the Microsoft Surface are almost impossible to repair or upgrade and I forsee this as a continuing trend. Even if you have a laptop that is repairable most can only be upgradeable in memory (if you are lucky) and storage.

FinalFantasyFanatic566d ago


I find most laptops pretty difficult to work on, if it's not a simple hardware fix or something easy to replace, then it's better to buy a new one (my current laptop has the worst touchpad, but this series of Lenovo laptops are notorious for it apparently).

FinalFantasyFanatic566d ago

I think you mean, they need to wait long enough for technology to become stronger and cheaper to make a new console that worthwhile (spec-wise). At the moment, I care not for the PS5 while the PS4 is still so enjoyable.

Brave_Losers_Unite567d ago

Holy crap can we stop mentioning PS5 already?

TGG_overlord566d ago

As far as I know, this is the first time that we've ever mentioned the PS5, and like I've told others. I have added plenty of links of other news sites that have written about the PS5 just recently.

ForeverTheGoat566d ago

Definitely not the first lol.

HighlyDoubtful566d ago

Chill the hell out. Jesus. You're trying WAAAAAAAAAAY too hard. It's not going to work.

FinalFantasyFanatic566d ago

People haven't shut up about it since Scorpio, Scorpio was a mid-gen refresh, pro was a mid-gen refresh, I don't want a PS5 yet and not for a couple of years at the earliest.

Rimeskeem567d ago

All I want is a great CPU that doesn't bottleneck the system. And if it could be backwards compatible from the start that would be great.

TGG_overlord566d ago

Yes, and a really good cooling system on top of that.

nitus10566d ago

Consoles are built to a price that the prospective consumer will accept.

Start putting in a "good" read expensive cooling system and the price increases so eventually you get to a point where the average consumer who is not technical does not care and opts for a more acceptably priced console.

porkChop566d ago

Due to everything being x86 and standard PC-like hardware, there is no reason for them to not have BC. The only reason it wouldn't be there would be if they specifically blocked it. These things are basically PCs now.

FinalFantasyFanatic566d ago

That's why I hope the PS5 has backwards compatibility with the PS4, I wouldn't mind a more expensive, separate model with the ability to play PSone/PS2/PS3 games, but that's a pipe dream at this stage.