iPwnGames Review: Galcon

iPwnGames writes: "So what is it about Galcon that makes it so great? Well, if you just take a look at the surface, it might look like any other game, but if you start digging, you'll notice that there is no bottom. Galcon is a strategy game in the space environment. Your goal is simple, crush every other player around, but the way to victory is why this game deserves your attention. When I just had bought the game (Galcon Lite wasnt out back then) my tactic was simple, I took my ships and sent it at my opponents planets. Now, some week later, I know that this is a flawed tactic, and I would never simply send away my ships. The game keeps your interest up by continually adding new challenges to overcome, theres 10 different skill levels on the bots, and each time you raise the difficulty you'll have to raise your game. The game keeps your attention by having a couple of different game modes to choose from, Classic, Beast, Vacuum, 3-Way, Stealth and Net Game."

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