Phil Harrison Says Sony and Microsoft Are Not Broadening The Gaming Audience, Unlike Nintendo

Phil Harrison said that Sony and Microsoft are not broadening the gaming audience, unlike Nintendo with the Switch console.

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KingKionic 2572d ago

I would say that before switch we have seen lots of kids on xbox and playstation.

Does Phil harrison not see the popularity of minecraft and rocket league on these consoles? O__O

Imp0ssibl32572d ago

True but he does have a point. If XB1 and PS4 could also be taken on the go, the audience would get much larger

-Foxtrot2572d ago

Honestly most people are just happy with playing on the big screen

I mean I couldn't play something like Halo or Last of Us 2 on the go...it's something I want to sit down and play on the big screen to fully appreciate it

freshslicepizza2572d ago

Sony is pushing VR, that could help broaden the market.

KingKionic 2572d ago (Edited 2572d ago )

Highly unlikely that the audience would be drastically bigger. The switch just came and Nintendo is saying they hope it would do Wii numbers in the future as in 100 million install.

The gaming install base for consoles reached 260 million culminated between Microsoft,Sony and Nintendo last generation. We wont see it higher then 280 million any generation.


The current console generation will be a decline in comparative sales too from the last generation.

Switch benefits only nintendo because nintendo can not compete next to Microsoft and Sony directly.

Yo Mama2572d ago (Edited 2572d ago )

You CAN take PS4 with you. It's called Vita Remote Access. I play my PS4 at home from work all the time.

ABizzel12572d ago (Edited 2572d ago )

Broadening the market is not something any of the Big 3 are really doing, because honestly it's a huge financial risk for them.

PlayStation is pretty much the "global-core console". It has international appeal, and it's design is pretty much to be an easy, accessible, and affordable entry to high-end gaming. This is also the same group Xbox has found itself but with less global appeal, and also a reason why they can't win against PS without a significantly lower price.

The problem with PS is they can't deviate too far from that, especially at launch because they run the risk of having media backlash and alienating the casual-core audience (which is that group of gamers who pick up a console 2 - 3 years down the line when they hit $249 - $299). Sony can't really take a chance, because if they take a chance and miss the mark, then it opens the floodgates for Xbox to take their marketshare just like the 360 did.

And the same thing for Xbox. Adding Kinect Day 1 in XBO caused them problems by making the console $100 more than the PS4, and even worse the console was $100 more and less powerful. That being said Xbox would benefit from trying something new, to alienate themselves from being a Western (mainly NA) PlayStation with a perceived better online experience. If they could find a better niche in the market then they wouldn't be in direct competition with Sony as much as they are and it would help generate more sales for the division.

Nintendo is the only company that can really take a risk, because their games and market aren't in direct competition with Sony and MS (they compete for the same gaming dollar, but their core audience gaming preference is vastly different). This is why the Wii, Wii U, and DS lines came about.

I would say the Switch is less of that philosophy and more a AIO-Nintendo device, but of the 3 only Nintendo can take a risk without having to worry so much about the consequences.

VR is an attempt to reach more people, but it's too expensive for the average consumer who are just now spending $199 - $299 on consoles.

A revolution won't come until someone manages to create something new and viable in the game space, without causing their platform to cost over $499 at launch. The problem is PlayStation is the only console that has a chance at launching at $499 and being successful, and that's only if it's more powerful than the competition (and by being more powerful it means it's innovation budget shrunk down to $50).

2006 - 2009 was Motion controls
2010 - 2013 were Cameras (mainly Kinect)
2014 - 2017 went back to basics with simply good hardware and games
2018 - 2021 will probably be the big push for AAA VR experiences

So we won't see something until around 2022 which will probably be a wireless AR/VR hybrid for $299.

The next-revolution
The AR/VR hybrid sounds like the best idea. You can go AR and have the menus offscreen so you can use the TV completely for the game and have maps, HUD, etc... floating off to the sides of the TV. You could play mini games that build worlds for you in your home. Or go VR for a full isolated immersive gaming experience with better head tracking or simply IMAX mode.

_-EDMIX-_2572d ago

Like PS Vita?

Heck, like 3DS? Isn't 3DS struggling just to match PSP sales right now?

That market isn't what was like 10 or even 15 years ago.

Its not the same. Even Nintendo is struggling against mobile right now.

People buy PS4 and XONE to have a HOME experience, they want to have something that was 100% made to be played at home, not a portable with a HDMI cord.

If that was the case 3DS would be moving DS numbers, PS Vita would not have failed etc.

The portable market is not the same as it was years ago, mobile has taken a huge chunk of that market share.

modelgod2572d ago

I dobuy it. Gaming on the go isn't practical in American culture, it's more suitable for Japanese culture. If the Xbox and Playstation was on the go, it wouldnt bolster sales at ALL!!

RabbitFly2572d ago

That doesn't make any sense.

Sony tried pushing a home console experience on the go for 2 generations. It did not work out. The argument was and probably still is that on the go experiences need to be different from home console experiences. Nintendo dominated the market not only because they had more games, but also because their games were designed to play in short bursts. Most home console experiences are not.

I don't understand this idea that switch somehow is revolutionary because it offers a home console experience on the go. Does no one remember the Psp and the Playstation Vita? That is exactly what they tried and that is more than likely why they failed. I am sure Nintendo will have a better go at it, well at least I hope so. At the very least they have a lot of experience in that market.

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Army_of_Darkness2572d ago

I have yet to see anyone playing with a switch in public... Just saying :p

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Skull5212572d ago

Lol, Nintendo had the Wii fluke that sold consoles to people that never actually bought another game. Switch has now narrowed that stuff down to the Nintendo fanboys only once again.

fr0sty2572d ago

When you factor in sales from both Sony and MS, the console industry is healthier than it was for several generations back (if not ever). More numbers equals more people gaming, which equals broadening the market. Phil has no idea what he is talking about.

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naruga2572d ago (Edited 2572d ago )

i say a mummy of the past (phil harrison) escaped from its tomb , mumbling a ton of BS nonsense , dreaming its old job positions....Mummy get back to your tomb ..no one want to hear you and most importantly none fing cares what you r saying

Xx_Pistol_xX2572d ago

@moldybread There the most vital part to VR right now.

mamotte2572d ago

Did you mean call of duty?

KwietStorm_BLM2572d ago

There's always going to be kids playing video games. That's doesn't really broaden the medium. Getting people who don't play videogames to play videogames would be furthering the reach of the industry. And that's all well and good, but honestly I'm not necessarily with the idea of popularity and reach , if it is at the expense of quality and the gaming experiences that we want, as the core audience.

GamingIVfun2572d ago

What, does Phil Harrison want a job at Nintendo now?/S

I love Nintendo and the Nintendo Switch but I think most people are using the Switch primary for portable gaming, so in effect they just reinvigorated a market they have always done well in. Nintendo Switch isn't really in direct competition with PS4, Xbox One or even PC.

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moegooner882572d ago

" What I wonder about and maybe worry about a little bit is that (both Microsoft and Sony) are they growing the market? Are they building and investing in the content and broadening the experiences to bring in more players? It looks to me, from the public announcements at least, that they are increasingly going for the same kind of core, hardcore gamer. "

They don't have to, that's not their audience, the later mostly comprises smart phone/casual gamers, who are no where as dedicated as the hardcore ones. Last gen they both tried to and didn't end up that well, let them play to their strengths.

FallenAngel19842572d ago

You don't sell as fast as PS4 without broadening the audience.

Xbox One selling on par with its predecessor in the same time timeframe shows that's its brand's demographic doesn't seem to be expanding in any way.

Alexious2572d ago

But PS4 won't sell more than PS2. At least not significantly more, which means that the audience is largely the same.

PigPen2572d ago

The PS4 won't sell the PS2 numbers period.

toddybad2572d ago

Ps2 didn't have a competitor pumping in cash like ms is

_-EDMIX-_2572d ago

None of us actually know that right now.

For all we know, PS4 might end up selling for the next 6 plus years at $99.

PS2 sold 60 million more units AFTER PS3's release, in many countries.

I don't know if it will, but I think its too soon to say it won't. Consider more are in the market now.

Big_Game_Hunters2572d ago

PS2 will never outsell PS2. I don't think any home console will considering PS2 had 25 mil in japan.

Omnislashver362572d ago

PS2 sold that much because of the DVD craze, the fact it was cheaper, and the economy was better.

Nowadays we're paying a premium for lesser gains, most people stream or have a Blu-ray player, and the economy is dirt. Not to mention AAA games require much more attention to detail.

Where PS4 stands is amazing for what it is. But they have been expanding the audience very well. Just because it doesn't catch up to PS2 means nothing about them not doing a good job at appealing to gamers with different tastes.

subtenko2572d ago

You even say it yourself, PlayStation has the broadest audience. PS1 did great, PS2 blew it out the park, PS3 got craft and PS4 dominating the crap out of the console market.

JackBNimble2572d ago (Edited 2572d ago )

Alexious and pig pen
So far the ps4 is on par with how well the ps2 sold in the same time frame.
Also don't for get the ps2 was supported for 12 years I believe, so the 150 million sales was still being counted even after the release of the ps3.

I am willing to bet that ps4 will also be supported well into next generation just like all playstation consoles have been.
I won't be surprised if ps4 comes close to 100 million before ps5 is released.