10 reasons you should be playing Multiwinia

Fidgit's Tom Chick:

"In Multiwinia's TRON-like world, you move little dudes around as they spawn. That's mostly all there is to it. Some of the incidental rules vary. You might be trying to occupy victory locations, cart a statue back to your base, or capture solar panels to fuel your rocket. But it's all a matter of telling little guys where to go and letting them shoot their little pew pew lasers when they get there. You won't find the trappings of your usual real time strategy game: there's no economy, there's no fog of war, there are no unit types, there's no base building. The gameplay consists mostly of directing an unending stream of obliging multiwinians. It's not unlike aiming a fire hose.

Oh, wait, did I mention the crates? Because that messes up everything I just wrote. New gameplay literally drops out of the sky and into the world of Multiwinia. The goodies in these crates are the real reasons to play this otherwise simple streamlined real time strategy game. The crates are the source of ten weird scenes from inside the cyber mine.

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