Casual Review Reviews: Purrfect Pet Shop

Casual Review writes: "This game tugs at your heart the way a puppy with sad eyes might. Purrfect Pet Shop is a cute and colorful service game that lets you take care of an animal adoption center. The story is simple and fits well with the game's setting: your nana wants to take a vacation and is entrusting either grandchild Peter or Sofia (you choose at the start of the game - points for gender equality!) with the job. Nurse stray animals back to health, match them with the right owners, and everyone goes home happy. You'll also be asked to create the pet of your dreams, and it's quite thorough: you customize the name, size, fur, eye color, and marks (like spots or stripes). You can't choose the exact dog or cat type - but then again, this ain't the Sims."

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