Three brand-new Crackdown gameplay trailers

Since yesterday, the Crackdown is available for all Xbox Live Gold members on Xbox Live Marketplace. In case you missed it or only have a Silver subscription, today three brand-new gameplay trailers of the game have reached the internet. Check them out and be sure not to miss this surprising game.

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THWIP5217d ago

I played the demo for about 6 hours last night (Only in 30 minute increments, unfortunately); it's like Hulk:UD + GTA + Urban Chaos, all rolled into one kickass game.

JOLLY15217d ago

I couldn't believe how fast an hour went, so I played it again. The physics are great. Yes I know they aren't real physics. They aren't as real as when you barely fall off a ledge onto another ledge in motorstorm and your car explodes like it's going 100 (kph or mph), but the physics are fun none the less.

THWIP5217d ago

I kept getting to 2 stars in agility or driving within a few minutes, and then I'd get the message telling me I only had 30 minutes left. How the hell did you get an hour?

BTW, LOL at the Motorstorm comment. :p

power of Green 5217d ago

Badass game WoW best in it's genre to date and much more this has purpose more depth the cell shadings more like a work of art if anything like the TV ads and the movie with Keyonu Reaves in it. Expect quality from all MS pushed titles.

Bill Nye5217d ago

I don't think I'll ever get tired of kicking people off buildings.

Grown Folks Talk5217d ago (Edited 5217d ago )

seeing as how someone disagreed with your personal opinion. they surely know you better than you know yourself. note to dusty, get rid of agree/disagree. if someone agrees or disagrees, let them post an actual comment stating why instead of clicking disagree just to be an @ss. same with cool and lame.

bigmack5217d ago (Edited 5217d ago )

this game looks like crap..good thing its not for the ps3. hey if you guys like this cartoonie garbage its ook. see, us psfanboys can ruin your fun too. since almost all of you xbox-zombies like going to the ps3 section, well, we can too. so bash all you just proves that you've taken the hit too..haha. you'll be seeing more of us too. zombies.. go play your viva garbages.

THWIP5217d ago

...if you're too blind and ignorant to recognize a quality game, then you're definitely better off with a PS3.

The thing is, this game was CUSTOM BUILT for the 360 and LIVE; the size/scope of the game, combined with the online capability, isn't even POSSIBLE with the PS3.

Grown Folks Talk5217d ago

i mean, who better to tell us about cartoonish graphics other than an anime/child porn loving playstation fan? have you actually looked at some of the games you've had on the ps platform? see, anybody can be a presumptive d*ck. it's not really that hard.

DG5217d ago

I hate the cartoon look but the gameplay is fun so it makes up for it. It still looks good I just dont like the style.

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The story is too old to be commented.