Blizzard Wins Warcraft Bot Payout

Blizzard have won their case against World of Warcraft 'bot' maker MDY Industries. The bot, known as Glider, controls players' characters, saving them from actually playing the game, and raking in in-game currency and experience while the players themselves could be away from the computer.

Blizzard were awarded $6m in damages.

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illizit3695d ago

Am I only the only one that thinks this is complete BS? I don't agree with the idea of bots however, they sued a company when its not the companie's fault, its the users fault for using the actual program.

If thats the case, why not punish the gun makers when someone uses a gun to commit a crime?

Leord3695d ago

I know what you mean Illizit, and to all legal extents I do actually agree. This will probably make the botting less common though, and make it easier for Blizzard to stop botters.

Still, they should have won on other grounds. This guy has made a program that deliberately disturbs the balance of the game, impairing the service they provide to others for payment. That should not be legal. Claiming copyright infringement is another thing altogether.

Wuushu3696d ago

Go Go Gadget, rrr Blizzard Go!

Leord3696d ago

Good news that Glider is out!

kalos3696d ago

Making money off illigal bots = good

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The story is too old to be commented.