Video Preview of Virtua Fighter 5

GameTrailers have posted a video preview of Virtua Fighter 5. For a long time the game was expected to be an exclusive Playstation 3 title, but recently SEGA announced Virtua Fighter 5 will also hit the Xbox 360.

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Havince5422d ago

360 needs some good solid beat em ups, so this is great news. now.......lets keep fingers crossed for tekken as the rumours are flying around at moment

xXbebofisherXx5422d ago

y does this remind me so much of a DOA rip off? ending boss character is the same basically. characters look and sound the same. even the stages look some what the same. fighting engine looks the same also. basically we r in for DOA5 just with the VF5 name on it.

ill just wait for DOA5. i dont like square stages. open endedness is what makes DOA a great fighting game. also online play. which tekken nor VF have. or will have any time soon. sony has alot of catching up to do.

Voodoochild5422d ago

I can't wait for the release for VF5. I am going to take the whole week off for the release. To bad about the online aspect of it. Oh well I guess the friends will have to come over to get there [email protected]@'s kicked. Bring it on baby! Oh yea.

BIadestarX5422d ago (Edited 5422d ago )

I can't wait for both versions to be compared. I would be interesting if just like all other 3rd party game developed for both consoles looks better, run better and have online multiplayer on the 360 (well based on reviews made my sites like major sites not me) No wonder the game will be relased on the PS3 first, only way they can get money from those suckers.

bigj5422d ago

which I could be wrong. Is the reason it comes out later for xbox 360 is because of online functionality. It says no online play for PS3. That does not say it will not be multiplayer for xbox 360.

BIadestarX5421d ago

Microsoft requirest games like this to have online multiplay. There will be online support.
And you are right, that's the reason why the 360 version comes later and/or because with less features it will only hurt the PS3 image.