Crispy Gamer: Silent Hill: Homecoming Review

Crispy Gamer writes: "Ah, good old Silent Hill. A town that features more fog than a Def Leppard concert, rows of shuttered storefronts (perhaps a Wal-Mart opened nearby?), and tree-lined streets that are always mysteriously truncated by either a bottomless pit or some sort of awful wreckage. Or both.

In case you're keeping score, Homecoming is the fifth game in the survival-horror series. Silent Hill games are typically 20 percent creepy, 20 percent nuts, 10 percent frustrating, and 50 percent depressing, and this one is no exception."

What's Hot:
+Revamped combat system = Konami, you got our letters!
+Storyline has solid Freudian backbone
+Some genuinely creepy moments

What's Not:
-Some genuinely frustrating moments, too
-Painfully obscure puzzles
-Depressing as all hell
-Note to the Developers: Nicknames for enemies makes them 80 percent less intimidating

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