Phil Spencer Talks About Xbox One X Release in Japan: "I Will Never Give Up on Japan"

Phil Spencer pledges support to the Japanese gaming community, and talks about the Xbox One X launch in the country.

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PhoenixUp717d ago

But Japan has already given up on Xbox Phil

JaguarEvolved717d ago (Edited 717d ago )

This is part of the spinning and stupidity why Xbox is in the state it is in. Same sort of mentality why Xbox doesn't have any exclusive games. I like Xbox and the days of the exclusive games but Microsoft doesn't believe in their games so it's why they've been canceling games shutting down studios. I just don't understand how Sony releases so many exclusive games generation after generation but Microsoft stopped years ago. I don't understand why Microsoft did t have a lot of 4k Xbox exclusives ready to show on Scorpio last e3. When people talk about graphically advanced games most people will be thinking about games like the order 1886, uncharted 4, driveclub, and a few other PlayStation exclusive. How did Microsoft talk all sorts of rubbish about the ps4 pro being weak but the system has the best looking games

nevin1717d ago

"I just don't understand how Sony releases so many exclusive games generation after generation but Microsoft stopped years ago. "

MSOFT got so into 3rd party being the source of the 360's success they felt they didn't have to invest in their 1st/2nd party studios.

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen717d ago

Phil, you're not going to be able to sell your machine in Japan with no games. WAKE UP!

S2Killinit717d ago (Edited 717d ago )

Correct. Thats always been xbox's game plan. That is exactely why they tend to not have any major exclusives in the second half of any generation.

This LIP SERVICE strategy of MS is really not working for them. They should TAKE the money they spend on PR, and invest it in games.

For example, What the fudge is all this "i'll never let go jack/japan" business?? Just make a japanese game already. No need to talk about it.

freshslicepizza717d ago

MS continues to pull out when sales are not the next big franchise. They tried with the Xbox 360 early on, trying to get the guy from Final Fantasy, got other excluive Japan deals but the Japanese gamer did not bite. They simply did not care about the Xbox and likely never will.

Japan has changed over the years as we can see by the PS4 sales. It's tracking less than the PS3 did, so obviously that market has changed and I imagine Switch will be the major seller. It's portable and Nintendo remains very focused on the Japan region, more so than Sony because Sony sees the world market more than Nintendo.

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lelo2play717d ago (Edited 717d ago )

What's the point if they only sell 100-200 consoles per week.
Unless Microsoft starts investing heavily on exclusive JRPG's and other Japanese games, they might as well forget Japan. Japanese sure aren't going to purchase the Xbox for multiplatform games...

rainslacker717d ago

They need a presence in Japan to get what Japanese support they can. While this may not be that big of a deal in Japan itself, Japan is still one of the largest development providers for much of asia. Since in asia, MS does better, they need to keep up with Japan for that market.

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Omnislashver36717d ago

If MS were serious about Japanese support they should have funded Kamiya/Scalebound and Sakaguchi/Mistwalker.

Talk is cheap Phil. You've had two big names/developers approach you with exclusives in this gen and last and twiddled your thumbs.

nitus10717d ago

When I saw the demo of Scalebound I was impressed until I heard the cringeworthy DudeBro voice acting.

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Abash717d ago

You will never give up? Then how about you start trying with your efforts in Japan, Phil

KionicWarlord222717d ago

Xbox japan support we know the whole issue that there system doesn't sell as much so it gets less support.

Sony and Nintendo dont have the issue due to them both being Japanese companies.

Out of the over 42 countries there literally is only Japan that Microsoft does not get as much support from third parties compared to there competition.

To say stuff like "start trying" is really crazy.

There are no third party games in those 41 territories that dont have there games on Xbox One.

Bigpappy717d ago

You can't take these commenters seriously, these guy are full of it.

rainslacker717d ago (Edited 717d ago )

OK, well that link is great, but it doesn't actually support your argument. How is Xbox doing in those other countries? About the only ones we ever hear about are the US, UK, Japan, sometimes europe, and Australia. Most of those other countries don't even get as much 3rd party support because they don't have much of a development community.

How much 3rd party support exists for MS in those other countries, and how does the market react to the Xbox brand in general?

717d ago
VenomUK717d ago (Edited 717d ago )

I will never give up on Salma Hayek.

UltraNova717d ago

With u buddy but lets be honest, gravity took its toll...

Concertoine717d ago (Edited 717d ago )

Honestly, they tried pretty hard last gen.

They had Blue Dragon, Lost Odyssey, Tales of Vesparia, Monster Hunter Frontier, 99 Nights, Star Ocean Last Hope, The Last Remnant, Dead Rising. Microsoft also offered a tiny licensing fee to make games for the 360, so that's why we saw a ton of awesome bullet hell games on 360.

Other games like Lost Planet and didn't hit the PS3 til later. The 360 had plenty going for it, but the failure rate sunk its chances in Japan, and the brand's chances.

If i was MS, i'd fund Japanese exclusives if they appealed to the west, like Ninja Gaiden did on Xbox back in the day. But i wouldn't push for success in Japan - its a lost cause.

rainslacker717d ago

They were going strong at the start of the 360. I think they just stopped too soon. It takes years on unfailing support to break into a market with an entrenched leader, and at the time they were the underdog in terms of brand recognition, particularly in countries outside the UK and US. When Sony entered they came in at the right time, because Sega was on the way out, and Nintendo was pretty stalwart on their media which wasn't that beneficial for publishers. Sony made the right moves then, and it all just kind of came together. They kept up with their support though, and became the brand they are today.

MS seems to go through the motions, but they never really had that time when they were coming in at just the right time. The PS3 being $500-600 was probably the best thing Sony could have done for MS last gen. It allowed them to compete, and they managed to have compelling games to draw gamers attention. Now, they just seem to be relying on name recognition which appears to not be as strong as once thought, more power, and some promises of support which don't seem to come, or have alternative ways to play those same games.

thatguyhayat717d ago

Xbox gave up on japan after the fallout from level 5 and platinum games. I admire that he thinks theres a chance for the xbox there but honestly there really isnt. They need to focus on the west and try beat Sony. Right now in asian its between nintendo and sony

rainslacker717d ago

I think they just need to stop saying how they will continue to support Japan, or say stuff like "I will never give up on Japan", and just support Japan. Their install base there isn't so large that they need to impress them, they need to impress those people who aren't on board. You do that with games, not platitudes.....particularly platitudes they've said before, and keep going back and forth on just how much they will support Japan. All their efforts seem like half efforts, and that doesn't get the buyer on board. Constantly backing out of strong support after it doesn't go well doesn't build trust even if they start bringing games. It takes years to build that kind of customer respect, and MS has probably done more harm to their name in Japan through their wishy washy support, thus making it even harder to convince people they're being sincere.

Concertoine717d ago

What happened with Level 5?

thatguyhayat717d ago


Microsoft had a deal with them for a game that later was canned. Ever since then, they stopped supporting xbox. Wont be surpised if platinum gaes does the same

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tyasia0717d ago

Hmm well maybe if Xbox ever manages to sell more than a few hundred consoles per month in the entire country they will take you seriously. But probably not.

KionicWarlord222717d ago

Phil Spencer had certain japanese games on stage at E3 so his statement holds true. But its Japan its not like you can change a single territory to start selling games highly on xbox.

For starters Japan dominates in mobile gaming and is a much smaller market next to North America and Europe because of how far the west has dominated traditional gaming.

Microsoft dont have to sweat japan its just one country. Even there competition sold over 55 million consoles in western territories.

That says it all.

Eonjay717d ago

The problem is the numbers. The low numbers they sell are so low you can't blame mobile becausethey haven't match the first week of sales from the 360 in Japan yet... In three years. No one does that bad.

rainslacker717d ago (Edited 717d ago )

Their problem is is that they start support, then drop it when it doesn't go well. They've done it several times now. After a while, people just stop caring, making it even harder the next time they try. MS just has to show continuous support. It'll take time, but if they do well, they can reap the rewards. They just have to weather the storm.

MS doesn't have to "sweat" Japan, but Japan is the 3rd largest gaming market, behind China and US. While they can obviously survive without it, no doubt MS wants a piece of that pie.

Mr Pumblechook717d ago

@rainslacker UK and Germany are both bigger markets than Japan.

If you are talking about a market for PlayStation, Nintendo and Xbox consoles and games then Europe is a bigger market than China.

rainslacker714d ago


When it comes to overall game industry revenue, Japan is the 3rd largest market in the world. Europe as a whole is a larger market, but Europe is divided into several regions. No one country or region in Europe is larger than the Japan market.

Japan does about half the revenue of the US alone. Considering the disparity in population between the US and Japan, they are a very good market to try and have a good presence in.