GameZone: Star Wars: The Force Unleashed Wii Review

GameZone writes: "Star Wars Force Unleashed is a straightforward bash-em up lightsaber fest, played from the bad guy's perspective. It is pure fighting action from start to finish; no sissy lever platform game elements present. The fighting is exciting and works pretty well most of the time, but unfortunately, there are some camera issues and a few graphical glitches that take away from some of the enjoyment. And, it is a short game. However, it still has a lot to offer anyone wanting to try their hand at taking down the elite Jedi.

The action begins immediately, with Darth Vader personally undertaking a mission to wipe out some rebel forces. This is a tutorial of sorts, with explanations of the moves that are being introduced. The basic moves in the beginning of the game are variations of slashing movements, along with some cool moves that allows the player to lift objects and enemies, carry them around in the air and then throw them, and also to push objects and enemies out of the way. Other moves are implemented as the game advances. These moves can also be practiced in the tutorial mode."

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PS360WII3672d ago

"The controls aren't tightly designed in this Wii version and are undependable in execution"

The guy must have been playing a different Star Wars Wii game then because I didn't have any undependable spots in combat. Ah well not that big of deal. The game is great and really fun on the Wii plus the vs mode is cool stuff :)

He's right on boss battles they are long, fun, and engaging :)