Xbox Boss Phil Spencer Teases New Games by Halo and Gears of War Devs: "I Have Seen Amazing Work"

Phil Spencer teases the new projects by The Coalition and 343 industries, following a visit to the studios.

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Abash2526d ago

I want The Coalition's original IP that was scrapped when they were pegged as the new Gears studio to be put back into production. The teaser was amazing


Why did they have to cancel it instead of being able to work on it after Gears 4?

Sciurus_vulgaris2525d ago

Shangheist was never in full developement. The wind physics from Shangheist, were reused for Gears 4. In 3 years, The Coalition managed to produce both Gears UE and 4. Implying that the studio can do 2 projects at once.

Liqu1d2525d ago

Because MS weren't done milking Gears and they needed a studio to make it.

2525d ago
Yui_Suzumiya2525d ago

Yeah, back when they were Black Tusk they were cooking up a new IP.

2525d ago
JaguarEvolved2525d ago

Who would believe this guy now? How many things have they been saying for years that's just been just pure talk. The Xbox one x reveal at e3 was their chance to show their hand. This guy has been in charge for about 4 years now and the xbox one x has been in the making for several years so why wouldn't they have games. I remember liking the xbox 360 a lot in the beginning becaus3 it had a lot of amazing exclusive games but the last 4 years or so was lackluster with exclusive games. A lot of fanboys and Microsoft execs were talking about how they'll have a lot of games for Xbox one but it didn't. 4 years later and all Xbox one has had are mediocre exclusive titles and PlayStation getting a lot. Some fanboys don't like the truth so they'll sit and pretend and now talk up 4k and all sorts while pretending like they cared about 4k on xbox 2 years ago. The Xbox needs a lot of games and less talk. I see a lot of Xbox fanboys like to say that Sony execs don't tall a lot on social media and such which is true because their games are doing that. Microsoft reps love to talk but not show anything. Xbox one is a good system but it needs a lot of exclusive games and high quality exclusives. Microsoft should put a lot more effort in making games instead of putting out a whole bunch of mediocrity like killer instinct, gears 4, quantum break, recore and others. The best games on xbox has been multiplatform titles and halo 4

DaDrunkenJester2525d ago

Gears 4 was awesome, and Shengheist was merely a concept and a tech showcase. They put a lot of t hag tech into Gears 4. I'd like to see it come back though... whatever it was.

4Sh0w2525d ago (Edited 2525d ago )

"Because MS weren't done milking Gears"

-pffft, Yeah because Uncharted, God of War and GT haven't been milked.

-All popular games get "milked", thats the whole point, the fans want more and while yes Sony has had some nice new IPs on ps4 this gen, so has Microsoft.

CoinOrc2524d ago

There has been seven Halo's in the main series, not counting spin-offs like Halo Wars. Another Halo is in the works. There has been five Gears of War's in the main series and another Gears in the works. By contrasts, there has been four Uncharted's in the main series and the series has ended. Naughty Dog has also made The Last of Us in between U3 and U4. The degree to which Sony and Microsoft milk their respective franchises isn't even close. The irony is that Microsoft let Bungie go because they wanted to milk Halo some more and Bungie wanted to move on to Destiny. Destiny went on to become the biggest selling video game in history. If Microsoft had kept Bungie, they would have the biggest selling video game right now.

Skull5212524d ago

Great news because Sony has no better franchise, they have been running on empty since they killed off SOCOM and let my credit card information be stolen. About 10 years behind on the online network too which is very very sad, but really Microsoft establishing Xbox Live 15 years ago made sure that they would be years and years ahead of the competition permanently, and that has showed for a long long time. I mean cross game voice chat has been new to PlayStation for 3 years, we've been doing that on Xbox for 12 years.

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zackeroniii2525d ago (Edited 2525d ago )

that's most likely what you're gonna get along with gears 5

PFFT2525d ago (Edited 2525d ago )

Seriously dude??? Im a freaking Xbox fan BUT DAMN im tired of Halo. Halo and Gears need a long ass rest and should be taken back to the drawing board. Hopefully this is a new IP and i seriously hope there will be more new ips coming to the XB1. Ms needs to get out of their comfort zone and take more risks rather than playing it safe when it comes to games. And i highly agree with one of the posts. MS needs more studios as well.

butchertroll2525d ago

You'll see Halo 6 next year. I'm pretty sure this is the "NEW" game from 343i about Phil was speaking. GeOW 5 also. So, nothing "NEW"

annoyedgamer2524d ago

Under the joke of a studio known as 343 Industries? Nah. New IP preferably based in Japan.

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lelo2play2525d ago (Edited 2525d ago )

Yep. Gears needs to rest for a few years. As for Halo, launch Halo 6 then let it rest for few years.
I wouldn't mind them using those IP's to make a different game. Imagine a Gears or Halo open world RPG... or a crossover between those two worlds.

Goldby2525d ago

Let the studios make something original instead of riding the IPs

conanlifts2525d ago

The issue is many big gears fans like myself want gears 5 and do not want it to rest. What they actually need are more studios.

2524d ago
Goldby2522d ago (Edited 2522d ago )


They envisioned destiny while still building their halo franchise.

I'm thinking more like
Insomniac right now, they aren't tied to a specific console (that part doesn't really matter) but they aren't force to make ratchet and clank over and over they've branched out with SSO and now Spider-Man.

Also, coalition doesn't make God of War. You must have meant to put GeOW

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MegamanXXX2525d ago

Sounds like it's just a new Gears and Halo

badboyz092525d ago (Edited 2525d ago )

You know Damn well it ain't a new ip.

AngelicIceDiamond2525d ago

There's no way in hell Coalition and 343 can make the same stuff over and over for years and I don't believe it when Rod Fergusson from Gears said hes gonna make Gears forever. You get fatigue burnt out, and the once loved franchise is go's down hill eventually that's how it go's with anything. I believe its brand new projects from these guys.

butchertroll2525d ago

I'm pretty sure Halo 6 is the "NEW" game from 343i about Phil was speaking. GeOW 5 also. So, nothing "NEW". 343i confirmed they are working on new Halo.


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tyasia02526d ago

I'd like to praise the diversity of my retail gaming line-up, let me start by talking about Halo, Gears and Forza!

alb18992525d ago

What are you talking about?
How many Halo and Gears have been released this generation?
Just a remastered and a new one. What about uncharted?
A remastered and two more
And TLOU and GOW both have remasters and a new one in process.
Forza Horizon and FMotorsport is a different story and one that you are very gelous about.
In coming are a lot of different console Exclusives and time Exclusives new IPs.
Crackdown, Sea of thieves, Batlegrounds, Stay of Decay, Ori 2, Cuphead.
I really won't be disappointed with the announcement of Halo 6 plus Turn Ten is working in a new IP.
I'm really excited about Xbox brand right now.
The support of third party to the X1X has been much more than I expected too.
We have more BC, more cross play and the experience online is always getting better and better