GamersInfo Preview - Guitar Hero: World Tour "Guitar Hero and Rock Band have become two of the biggest modern gaming franchises in their short lives: the former by perfecting guitar-based gameplay and producing several hit titles filled with classic hits and the latter by shaking up the market, with superb gameplay and plenty of great tracks, and the addition of drum kit and microphone.

Activision has responded to Rock Band's all-encompassing title with Guitar Hero: World Tour. The latest installment - which is released either at the end of October or the beginning of November, depending on where you live - includes a drum kit and microphone as well as the famous guitar that we've come to expect.

How does it play, though? We were invited to test World Tour on stage at London's famous Electric Ballroom - complete with light show, smoke machines and everything turned up to 11 - and we're pleased to report that it's pretty damn fantastic."

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