Kutaragi To Head New Sony and Namco Company

Sony and Bandai-Namco have announced a ¥100 million (£415,000) joint venture to develop content based on the Cell processor at the heart of the PS3 – and other devices. Called Cellius, it will be formalised on March 5th with 'Father of PlayStation', Ken Kutaragi, as chairman.

According to Satoshi Fukuoka, a spokesman for Sony in Tokyo, Cellisus' focus will be on "new entertainment products including audio and visual content."

Bandai-Namco will take 51% with Sony owning the residual 49% stake. The management will come from both companies, the president and one executive will come from Namco; Sony will provide the other executives.

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bluebrad19745228d ago

I guess Kutaragi will have to give up his spot on The Benny Hill Show.

Raiyel5228d ago (Edited 5228d ago )

ken is gonna focus on cell based games and show them how it's done, and those who wished ken would leave get their wish too, this can't be anything but great, I wonder who his successor in sony will be? well anyones better, so this is a great step for sony! maybe things are looking upwards from here!

Silver Bull3t5228d ago (Edited 5228d ago )

Nowhere in that article did I see a mention of games.... all I read was "new entertainment products including audio and visual content". Let's just hope that " the ¥100 million (£415,000) joint venture to develop content" emphasises GAME content for the Cell.... I'm getting tired of the promises and want to see what products coded specifically for that proc can do!!!

dantesparda5228d ago

You're nothing but hating bastard, thats all

True Gamer5228d ago

Weird, yet interesting...

calderra5228d ago

Good God.
The one man most responsible for destroying this company's public image among its faithful is getting something new to screw up?

"Our new games will be in 5800p at 24,000fps, and will display in 6 dimensions. We will unlock the full potential of the PS3, transforming it into a holographic tank that can fly to the moon and speak in the moon language: Yarble-Garble Nezzik."
-Ken Kutaragi, next Christmas

Sphinx5228d ago

I just peed a little... yarble-garble nezzik! lol

PS360PCROCKS5228d ago

loli laughed out loud at that one, that was awesome man keep em coming, im still laughing

dantesparda5228d ago

Funny? that was retarded? but oh well most of you's are anyways. The truth of the matter though is that all these guys are overrated, just look at Miyamoto. And p.s. get of the 360 nuts

KingZuca5228d ago

wow. someone just called, probably the most genius game designer of all time overrated. i really hope i read that wrong.

nice_cuppa5228d ago

i wish he would make more new games instead of the usual mario guff.

pikmin was ace

PS360PCROCKS5227d ago

yes it was funny get a sense of humor you fuc*ing dork...I could give a fuc* less about game companies, i'm not on "360 nuts" quit being such a fuc*ing nerd and grow up, get a life and go outside

dantesparda5227d ago (Edited 5227d ago )

Hm, you're funny, you're calling me a "nerd" when youre the fvck on 360's nuts!? You're pretty backwards. And if that was a joke then, that was really funny, "ha ha". And i need to get out more? Im not the one sweating no company/system. Reognize kid!

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