Game Vortex: Multiwinia Review

Game Vortex writes: "The time has come to return to my favorite 3D world populated by the 2D beings known as Darwinians. This time, however, there is a decidedly darker tone as you step into Multiwinia. In the original Darwinia, it is survival of the flattest. It may be the same here, if you're able to survive at all. It is all-out glorious digital war. Hundreds and hundreds of little digital souls littering the battlefield. There is not much on the history that has led these digital beings to all-out war after defeating the email virus that plagued their worlds just a few years ago. Whatever the circumstances, it has become a battle for domination. If you overthink it, you could call it a racial battle based solely on the want to get rid of anyone different than you, or, at worst, a practice in genocide. But, let us leave those sleeping dogs lay. It is infinitely more simple than this. No dark agendas, just a really well done and fun game. "

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