Sony Removes "World's Fastest Platinum Trophy" Game From PSN

A game offering a guaranteed platinum trophy in just 20 minutes has been pulled from PSN, highlighting flaws in Sony's certification process.

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PhoenixUp474d ago

Aw damn I was just about to download it for...research and preservation purposes

JackTheLiz474d ago

Pft, it's just a trophy. I don't understand why people are so crazy about these virtual things, just like those Steam cards.

Testfire473d ago

At least the Steam cards have a monetary value. Achievements /trophies are just bragging rights

UltraNova473d ago (Edited 473d ago )

I know people who are obsessed with their trophy/achievement collections because they believe that Sony/MS will, one day, follow the Steam card model with momentary rewards.

Can you honestly say they will never do that? I cant. So an easy Platinum like that is a trophy horder's dream come true and it was rightfully taken down.

This was just one incident I am aware of so I wouldn't go as far as to say Sony needs to review their certification&approval policy but they should be looking out for these money grab attempts in the future.

OpenGL473d ago

They only have monetary value because people are stupid and willing to pay for them to create badges for bragging rights. They're even worse than trophies or achievements as you can buy them.

I sell all of my Steam cards.

Goldenarmz473d ago

Isnt that really what gaming is all about? Bragging rights?

Testfire473d ago

@goldenarmz, I hope that was sarcasm because at least for me gaming is about having fun. It has nothing to do with bragging rights.

I can understand competitive gaming and there being bragging rights there, but for single player games it's just about fun for the sake of fun itself.

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joab777473d ago

I used to chase them. Now I just use them on the games I love to extend gameplay. I will never chase a stupid mp trophy again! Lost Planet 2 wtf!

Ultr473d ago

Why do you play games? its just some virtual thing...

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ElementX474d ago

I don't have any platinums. There are too many games to spend too much time on any one.

Goldby474d ago

diablo 3 is an easy platinum as well as second son

nothin beats my name is mayo tho

ocelot07473d ago (Edited 473d ago )

Cookie Clicker can be had in about 30 mins. All you have to do is press X a lot. I don't think anything can beat Avatar Burning Earth on the 360. All achievements unlocked in the first 2 minutes of the game.

RommyReigns473d ago

Horizon Zero Dawn, just 60 hours of your time and you'll have a nice shiny sweet platinum, plus eventually you would receive a free platinum theme and avatar.

ElementX473d ago

I'm playing horizon now, it's awesome

Muzikguy473d ago


Me too. Another gem of the generation for sure.

Tapani473d ago

Horizon was brilliant!! Finished it yesterday, 50hrs in. I spent a lot of time just wandering and staring at the horizon (tm). It gave me that next-gen game feeling at 4K and HDR on a 65" tv! Waiting for DLC to give it another go at the end of this year. Really enjoyed the story, exploration, atmosphere, and super good music. Combat was ok too. Some rough spots here and there, but it was truly a gem.

Had to buy Persona 5 and Nier yesterday to keep up the good-game feeling going, haven't felt like I played anything excellent since Nioh, and Dark Souls 3, and now Horizon. Guerilla shot right up there with Naughty Dog for me (didn't like U4 as much as I liked TLOU.)

Ultr473d ago

I got the mail for the platinum theme but havent platinumed the game yet! seems like sony can see into the future

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Fearmonkey473d ago

The Bunker - easiest Platinum ever.

CaptainSellers474d ago

Definitely not the fastest plat, but it's up there.

From the devs twitter it just looks like the title and store description need to be amended and it will be back up.

PhoenixUp474d ago

Oh thank goodness for that

Could you provide a link

CaptainSellers474d ago

Can't get on Twitter from my work PC or I would :/

rainslacker473d ago

There is no compliance about the amount of time it takes to get a plat. If it has a plat, then it has to go through regular full compliance testing standards, and not be within the "mini" style line of games. Each dev of a game is given a certain number of "points" to work with, and each level of trophy is worth so many points. If one dev wants more gold trophies, they have fewer overall trophies, and the plat is only available if all other trophies are achieved. If the dev wants nothing but gold, then the plat, they are free to do so.

I don't think this game got removed for it's quick trophy.

Reading the article, I think it's actually because it's trying to promote a face book page. While this isn't outwardly banned, facebook can only be linked to through "sharing" type features, and all interactivity has to be done through the system itself.

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